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While this website’s primary concentration is on online pokies, Australian online casinos provide a wide range of games. Video poker is a popular online pokies side game. Video poker is a variation of the classic Five Card Draw poker game that pays out according to the strength of your hand.

Today, we’ll look into video poker and why it’s so popular among users of online pokies. We’ll go through the fundamentals of VP games and what to look for in them.

What Is Video Poker And How Does It Work?

When new gamblers hear the term “video poker,” they sometimes confuse it with “online poker.” They believe they will be competing against other players for large sums similar to those seen on television. Video poker, on the other hand, is a whole distinct game. In actuality, it’s more like playing poker slots than playing online poker.

The goal of the game is to build the finest five-card poker hand possible with the five cards you’ve been dealt. Players have the opportunity to switch cards after the initial deal. You have a choice of 0 to 5 cards. After you’ve decided which cards to keep, you’ll draw new ones. Prizes are awarded based on the strength of your hand beyond this stage.

How does video poker work

In most VP games, a pair of jacks or above will get you a prize. A Royal Flush or the A-K-Q-J-10 of the same suit is the best hand you can acquire in a game. The payments are determined by a paytable that is available in each game.

The game’s highest prize is determined by the quantity of credits earned. You can usually play from 1 to 5 credits in most games. When you play one to four credits, the top reward is 250 times your bet. The Royal Flush, on the other hand, delivers a fixed jackpot payout of 800 times your bet if you play maximum credits.

For example, if you play four credits of.25 per credit video poker, your highest reward is $250. However, if you play all of your credits, you’ll win $1,000 if you get a Royal Flush.

Selecting The Correct Variants

There are numerous various kinds of video poker to play at online casinos, just like there are many distinct variants of online pokies. The fundamental distinction in many games is the types of hands that are paid. Four Aces, Four Aces with a 2-3-4, and Four 2-3-4s with an A-2-3 or 4 will all pay out more in Double Double Bonus Poker. On our latest blog, you can learn more about pokies features.

There are games with unique features as well. Joker Poker, for example, adds a joker to a deck of cards. Dream Card Poker will include a card that will assist you in forming the finest hand possible depending on your original deal. When you make four of a kind in Wheel Poker, you will be able to spin a unique reward wheel.

Another thing to consider when choosing a video poker game is the type of paytable it provides. A video poker game’s RTP may be calculated using the paytable, just as online pokies. A Jacks or Better game with a 9-6 paytable, for example, has an RTP of 99.54 percent. When we say 9-6, we’re referring to the payout for a Full House and a Flush on a single credit in video poker. The better the paytable, just like with online pokies, the better your odds of winning are.

Why Is Video Poker So Common Among Poker Players?

As you can see from the previous paragraph, this game has the potential to have a substantially greater RTP than traditional pokies. There is, however, a catch. You must play a great approach in order to optimise your RTP. In blackjack, this is analogous to lowering the house edge. You give yourself the best chance of optimising your RTP by playing excellent strategy.

The problem with flawless strategy is that each video poker game has its own approach. It’s not like blackjack, where the same approach may be used to all variations. Jacks or Better has a different strategy than Double Double Bonus Poker.

When you combine a high RTP with the possibility to use strategy in the game, video poker is an excellent choice for online pokies players. In subsequent sections, we’ll go over paytables, optimal strategy, and the greatest video poker varieties to play.

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