Interview: Do Players Know or Care About White-Label Platforms?

Do Players Know or Care About White-Label Platforms?

Welcome, casino aficionados and curious minds alike, to an exclusive peek behind the velvet curtain of online gaming! Have you ever wondered who’s pulling the strings at your favorite online casino? Is it a big-name operator or a shadowy figure? And more importantly, does it matter? Do players know or even care about who’s behind the games they love to play?

To unravel this mystery, we’ve enlisted the help of a true expert in the field. Christoffer Ødegården is the Head of Marketing at Bojoko, an online casino listing and review site that prides itself on helping players navigate the bustling casino landscape.

Bojoko isn’t just any review site; it’s one of the biggest in the UK, with thousands of visitors every month. With a treasure trove of data and a pulse on player preferences, who better to speak to about whether players actually care about white labels at all?

It’s great to have you here today, Christoffer. For those who might not know your company, could you give them a brief introduction to Bojoko so they know where you’re coming from?

Bojoko is an online casino affiliate site where players can find, compare, and review UKGC-licensed online casinos, sportsbooks, and bingo sites. What really makes us stand out are our filters. Sure, we vet and test every brand we list to ensure player safety, but it is our filters that allow our users to find their perfect match. All they need to do is enter in the bonuses, game developers, etc., they are looking for, and any list on our website will be immediately stripped down until only the matches are left.

Fantastic! Now, onto the main topic. White-label platforms in the online casino industry – can you explain what they are for our readers?

A white-label platform is essentially a ready-made casino solution that allows operators to launch their online casino without developing the software from scratch. Companies like Jumpman Gaming, Aspire Global, and EveryMatrix provide ready-made solutions that cover everything from games to design to bonuses and even licenses.

All a casino needs to do when signing up with them is select the name, tweak the colors, and add a few other touches to make them stand out. However, in most cases, what you can do is limited, and these white-label casinos can be spotted in a few seconds by players who have been on a couple of them before.

These companies often also handle many additional services, including customer support, KYC, fraud detection, etc., making the running of the casino itself very straightforward. This is both a strength and a weakness, as often, these casinos can’t even change the bonuses and are frozen in what they can customize, leaving them in a situation where it is hard to stand out. However, for a set of players, this is not a big issue.

Interesting! So, are players generally aware of these white-label platforms?

It’s a mixed bag. Most players have never heard of any white-label companies, but a few, including the three I mentioned earlier, have really made a name for themselves. Many Brits are actively searching for casinos built on the platform and signing up for them.

This is an interesting development to track, and there is no sign it is slowing down. What we are seeing is an increasing number of players liking what they are seeing and wanting to try more of the same.

One of the white labels that have had the most success in terms of branding is Jumpman Gaming. They stand out a bit as almost all of them have a welcome offer that makes them instantly recognizable, namely a wheel of fortune with different prices. It makes complete sense that a player would like to try their chances over and over again here, and one of the easiest ways to do this is to sign up for multiple Jumpman casinos.

We created a page specifically for Jumpman Gaming sites currently available in the UK market. A quick look there shows you exactly what I mentioned: that almost all these sites allow players to win up to 500 bonus spins. However, through our service, you can also see that some push a little further, up to £2,000 from some.

We are seeing thousands of Brits actively looking for Jumpman gaming casinos every month, and with good reason.

Other white labels have enjoyed similar success without the wheel of fortune mechanic. That said, the interest in these is in the hundreds rather than in the thousands.

Does Bojoko do anything to help players realize the connection between casinos and spread knowledge about white-label platforms?

Absolutely. We cover all the relevant white-label companies and the major operators that own multiple brands, such as the Kindred Group. We showcase who owns who, who operates who, and how different brands are connected.

We provide detailed information on their reputation, history, and overall standing in the industry. Just as with our previously mentioned overview of Jumpman Gaming, we help players compare their various offerings, visit their websites for more information, and read individual reviews.

This comprehensive approach ensures that players have all the necessary information to make informed decisions about where to play.

Why do you think British players care about who’s behind their online casinos?

I think it boils down to knowing what you get. With Jumpman Gaming sites, that is very easy, as there is the randomized win mechanic; however, with other websites, there is still an understanding of how their bonuses and sites work. Trust and reliability are key. If a player knows Jumpman or Gamesys casinos are safe to play, have great bonuses, etc., there are many reasons to go back and try something slightly different in the same catalog.

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