Slot Terminology: Slot Game Terms Used By Casinos and Players

Slot terminology

Somebody who has never played a slot game before might find themselves pretty confused by all of the terminology and language associated with slots. Casinos have some specific terms that are used for some aspects of slot games, and these are not always part of everyday language. Do you know a pay line from a multiplier? What do these things mean in the context of slot games? We’re demystifying some of the language for slot games so players can better understand.

Modern Slot Games

In the days of one-armed bandit slot machines, there were still some terms and language quirks that were used. Now, we have a lot more to learn as there are online slots with even more features. Many casino online slots have their own unique gameplay functionality. Slot developers no longer rely on the reels being mechanical, which means that each game can have loads of digital features and functions including mini-games.

Slots now can also feature a lot of different themes, so people may find themselves talking about ancient gods or even fruit machine symbols that are part of the games and the way they work.

All casino games tend to have some level of unique language and people may need a glossary to understand! Knowing some basic language and the terms used in casino games can help to make sure that people know how a game’s mechanics work. Slots are sometimes self-explanatory, but sometimes there is a little more going on that people need to get their heads around. Much of the terminology dates back to the age when people used physical slot machines to play these kinds of games.

Slot Game Terms – Glossary

Let’s go through some of the terms people come across when playing slot games.


Slot games are often described as “three-reel” or “five-reel” slots. Reels are the vertical sections that spin when you play a slot game but they’re based on the historic design of slots. Traditionally, slot machines had physical reels spinning around, but in digital slots, these appear on the screen digitally and mimic the movement.


Coins may represent the balance of the game, depending on the interface. Some games have coins that represent flat currencies while Bitcoin and cryptocurrency options also need some sort of representative of the money changing hands, often ‘coins’. People are using cryptocurrency more as they seek to take advantage of the benefits it offers over other, flat currencies. Crypto casinos may use coins as a method of dividing the financial side of games.

Pay Lines

Most slot mechanics have some form of pay lines. These are the so-called lines on which a winning combination of symbols must appear for you to win. Slots can have a single line where the symbols must match or there can be loads, some even have moving pay lines. This is one of the aspects of games that developers definitely experiment with.


One term most people know is the jackpot, this refers to the multiple that people may be able to win if they get the top payout on the game. Jackpot is a slot term that has entered everyday use in some ways! If someone has a slice of luck in everyday life they might be described as “hitting the jackpot”.

Wild Symbols

Slot games normally use wild symbols as potential substitutes for other symbols, meaning that if someone matches two symbols and a wild along a pay line, this may count as three symbols in a row. Wilds often come in the theme of the game with interesting symbols, and can just fall when the reels are spun or triggered by other features during the game. Wilds mean different things for different slot games, of course.


Slots have come a long way since physical reels, so there are a lot of ways developers add different functionality and gameplay. Mini-games are one of the ways they may provide something a little different. Sometimes this can have a totally different dynamic when compared with the rest of the game and may look and feel nothing like the main game.


RNG stands for random number generator, this is a term you are more likely to come across in terms of discussing the way the games function. Random number generators dictate the outcome of the digital games in a random way to ensure fair gameplay and an even chance for all.


Seems like a lot to take in, right? Actually, as long as someone knows a few basics and understands the mechanics and rules of a slot then it is easier to take in those other factors and understand the whole game. Players will find new terms introduced by certain developers, but these often have more to do with the branding of the game.

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