Vegas Casinos Still Offering Coin-Operated Slots and Video Poker

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Coin-operated slots and video poker are still available in Vegas casinos.

The endorphin-inducing sound of money hitting a metal tray has vanished from casino floors across Las Vegas over the years. It should come as no surprise that coin distributing slots, with their million moving parts, necessitate extensive maintenance. The casino has a number of challenges, including maintenance, backfilling machines with money, and the need to manage all of those monies. When players use modern Ticket-in Ticket-out (TITO) technology instead of inserting and accepting payment with coins and tokens, the game is also considerably faster.

As a result, most casinos have begun to switch their coin slot machines and video poker machines to TITO operation, which is both easier and less expensive for the casino. Pandemic has hastened this trend, since some casinos closed their remaining coin-operated games during the shutdown.

A slip of paper simply does not have the same charm or vintage feel as a bucket full of metal tokens for many long-time gamblers. Many of us still yearn for the metallic tingle that has faded from so many gaming floors.

With that in mind, we’ve put up a list of which Las Vegas casinos still have coin-operated slots and video poker machines so you can find them.

Coin Games on the Las Vegas Strip

Near the front entrance, Circus Circus has one of the largest selections of token slots, with about 20 machines that dispense $1 tokens. You could practically close your eyes and let the noises transport you to a bygone era of gambling. Circus Circus is currently the only casino on the Strip that offers real coin/token slot machines.

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Coin Games on Fremont Street

El Cortez has a large variety of coin-operated devices, including over 200 different video poker games. These may be found near Subway in the casino’s back area. Near Ike’s bar, however, only one well-marked bank of dollar slots that receive and dispense tokens has survived.

Even though it is only a short distance from Fremont Street, California nevertheless has a lot of coin video poker games. On the left-hand side, just inside the main entrance, is a tiny collection of quarter video poker games.

TITO technology has replaced nearly all of the D’s coin-operated slots. They are, however, Las Vegas’ final location to feature the coin-operated Sigma Derby horse racing game. Make a point of stopping over, as Sigma is notoriously difficult to keep up with. MGM Grand has decommissioned the casino’s second-to-last slot machine.

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Coin and token-operated machines will, realistically, continue to fade away as parts grow scarcer over time. That hypothesis is supported by the fact that we’ve had to remove casinos from this list on a regular basis throughout the years, but never added new ones.

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