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PikaKasino Casino Review

What’s up rollers,

Welcome to my Pikakasino Casino review, and this little pony is the trickiest of them all. Never in my life have I encountered such a bizarre casino creation, and I’ve been to Florida. Twice.

This is the Hunchback of Notre Dame dressed up as an online casino. I have no better words to describe it metaphorically. It is pure at heart, packs some serious muscle, it wants to do well, but it’s just not getting laid.

Let’s dive in and see what exactly do I mean by that.

About Pikakasino Casino

It’s a fairly new puppy, founded in 2019. It was designed as an online casino for Finnish people and that proved to be my first problem. Not that there’s something inherently wrong with such an idea, but the lingo isn’t my main complaint anyway.

It is owned by Play North Ltd and is licensed by Malta Gaming Authority. Perfectly legit and with decent RTP’s, on a first glance this casino looks like a streaming platform, or a website about clean and renewable energy.

So, the looks and atmosphere are left to be desired. Then again, this is not a deal breaker. Plus, it has some really great game providers, necessary for ensuring a great gambling experience and lots of fun.

Not to mention, it’s an instant play casino with no registration process and other BS. Just load it, put some cash in it and BAM – you play the games! AND it’s mobile friendly like players can only wish for.

But man, there are some serious shortcomings to consider as well. Just keep reading…

Country Restrictions

There’s no way to effectively cushion the blow so here it is without sugarcoating things: this casino is for the Finns and Finns alone.

So, if you live in other 192 member nations of the UN – suck it up.

Pikakasino Casino Review

PikaKasino Casino Bonuses

I think I will invent some sort of award for the biggest flop in the casino industry, something like the Golden Raspberry in Hollywood. Heck, I’ll do it this instant.

I’ll call it Plutonium Lilly – a statuette of a seemingly beautiful flower that causes radiation sickness.

So, without a further ado, my dear bros and broettes, Plutonium Lilly for the worst bonus offer in the entire casino industry for the year of 2020, goes to (drumroll) – Pikakasino Casino!

Welcome Bonus

Members of our distinguished jury have awarded Plutonium Lilly to Pikakasino Casino for it’s relentless pursuit for bonus annihilation. No matter the odds, no matter the obstacles, no matter how the meek pray, this casino will not grant you any welcome bonus whatsoever.

In a strange and not recommendable way, here I stand, struck in awe by this kind of attitude.

Other Bonuses

In order to make itself a casino worthy of such a triumphant award as Plutonium Lilly, Pikakasino stayed true to its core beliefs. Players can expect exactly 0 (eng: zero) other bonuses while staying at this casino. Man, that’s a rough game.

VIP Program

I’d never thought I’d say this in a casino review: Pikakasino Casino doesn’t cease to amaze us for all the wrong reasons. There is no VIP program whatsoever, either.