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Your boy Derrick is BACK BABY, with another casino review! MAN, I missed these! Today, I’m going to tell you everything you fine folks need to know about Lucky Creek. No time like the present, dawgs, so let’s go!

Casino Review Details

First, the birth certificate: this is one of the older online casinos out there, starting way back in 2010. So, of course, this means that it has years of experience, which implies they offer great service. Right? RIGHT? Well… We’ll get to that later.

What’s also important is that Lucky Creek has a Netherlands Antilles – Curacao license. This spells two things: your money is safe and that the games aren’t rigged – which is the least we can expect from ANY online casino.

The casino is an affiliate of the Genesys Technology group. This is great for players who like to make accounts on multiple casinos. An account made on any of the affiliate websites will work on all other sites in the same affiliate group and even share certain perks, such as VIP status.

If you are a fan of the Wild West, you’ll probably feel right at home at Lucky Creek. The website has that whole cowboy theme going for it. Seeing as I’m a huge fan of Red Dead Redemption, I dig the website logo, the loading screen, and the whole earthy vibe.

Overall, a good first impression, which is supa important. But we’re here to gamble, not look at the homepage, dawg!

Casino Features

Mobile Casino

Reality Check Reminder

Vip Program

Time-Out Period

Live Chat

Financial Limits


Self Exclusion

Online Transaction History

Help And Support

Self Assessment Test

Manual Flushing

Casino Info
phone: +8885955835
established: 2009
owner: Genesys Tech NV
licences: Curaçao
languages: English
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Country Restrictions

This is yet another online casino that doesn’t allow players from the United Kingdom and United States to play. But surprisingly, it has no problems with dollars and pounds.

Despite the sad news for our English and American friends, the list of restricted countries is surprisingly short. Here’s a list of restricted countries:

  • Australia, Curacao, France, Germany, Hungary, Netherlands, South Africa, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States

Lucky Creek Casino Bonuses

Alright, Lucky Creek Casino! I came, I brought some dough, I’m ready to roll. The question is: How happy/appreciative are you to see me?

If you visit the Lucky Creek promotions page, you will find that the website offers a ton of bonuses. HOWEVER, most of those are seasonal and celebration bonuses. Because the seasonal bonuses keep changing on a monthly basis, I’ll be focusing mostly on the regular ones.

Welcome Bonus

Ah, the good ol’ welcome bonus! If you decide to create an account and make a deposit (minimum deposit $20) you can receive a decent 100% deposit bonus (up to $500). Use code: LUCKY1. 

  • You will also get 25 free spins on Age of Spartans. Use code: MARSHAL
  • Wagering requirement: 60x.

It’s a shame that this is where the welcome bonus ends because we’ve got online casinos that shower their players with at least four deposit bonuses. But hey, you win some you lose some, dawg.

Seasonal Bonuses

Lucky Creek and its affiliate websites always seem to have a promotion or a celebration going on. As of writing this, Lucky Creek is doing its 20th anniversary of the affiliate group. During these events, they give out codes for free spins, bonuses and even let you win physical prizes such as – brace yourselves – A FORD MUSTANG! Bish, please!

The catch is that in order to participate, you will need to make a deposit. As for that Mustang, you need to make a deposit of at least $50 while the promotion is active (and the more times you do it, the more chances you get to win it).

VIP Program

If you love yourself a bonafide VIP program, then you will probably have a hard time with Lucky Creek’s VIP program. 

The good news is that the loyalty program covers all the casinos under Genesys Technology group, so you can use the loyalty points in the other affiliated casinos. The bad news is pretty much everything else.

Nowhere on the website does it actually specify how loyalty points are earned other than that they exist and that you can earn them by wagering money. There are 4 tiers (bronze, silver, gold, and platinum) but is there really a point in reaching the platinum status? There might be, but the website won’t tell you, that’s for sure.

Supposedly, the loyalty program is closely tied to the affiliate’s seasonal bonuses because many players reported that higher loyalty ranks can get you into some exclusive contests (where you will again have to pay a deposit fee to enter).

Free Spins

Good news for fans of free spins! Looks like Lucky Creek likes to give them out pretty often. For some of the spins you need to deposit some money and for others, you just need to enter a promotional code. Wagering requirement: 60x.

Six Shooter Mondays

Free spins each Monday? YES PLEASE, dawg! Wait, you want me to pay for them?

Now, this might seem like a low blow but I had to check under the hood: each Monday you can contact the support team and get 66 free spins on a game of your own choice. Sounds cool, right?

But where’s the catch? You need to have made NO LESS THAN 6 DEPOSITS or DEPOSIT $120 total in order to get these. Yeah, I’m not going to sugarcoat it; THIS DEAL SUCKS!

I mean, $120 for 66 spins is too expensive especially when other casinos give these for free. Also, why is this done only on Monday? This should be a regular bonus. With every $120 deposit get free casino spins; THERE YOU GO! It’s still a lousy deal but at least you won’t have to wait until Monday and keep close to the support team.

A Double Take Slot Countdown

Finally, this is how it’s done! Free spins with ANY DEPOSIT ($20 minimum)! Just enter the code when you are done depositing and get your spins.

  • 33 FS – Horn of Plenty – Code: 0506WIN1
  • 33 FS – Road Trip MaxWays – Code: 0506WIN2
  • 33 FS – Tomahawk – Code 0506WIN3
  • 33 FS – Samba Spins – Code: 0506WIN4
  • 33 FS – Bucksy Malone – Code: 0506WIN5
  • 33 FS – Gems n Jewels – Code: 0506WIN6

Lucky Creek Casino Games

casino game types






Video Poker

Jacks or Better


Imagine paying a visit to a brand new branded store at your local mall. You go in, look at some shirts (tank-tops in my case) and the clerk eventually comes to help and is like: “Good day sir, please sign for our membership?”

And you’re all like: “No thanks, dawg, I’m just browsing.” BUT THEN the clerk actually says: “Oh, browsing and window shopping is for members only.”

What would you do? I’d just walk out of that store and never come back. So, why did I waste your time painting this picture? Here’s why:

Lucky Creek, and I ain’t lying here, DOESN’T LET YOU EVEN LOOK AT THEIR GAMES, UNTIL YOU CREATE AN ACCOUNT and SIGN IN (apart from the few shown on the home page). Boy, I’ve seen some dumb things in my life, but this one takes the cake, dawg!

But do you know what’s the worst thing of all? After you become a registered visitor, you will quickly learn that Lucky Creek Casino offers a small library of about 150 games for your gaming experience. In fact, they only have a few software providers:

  • Netent, Saucify, Betsoft, Genii, and Rival gaming.

Overall, Lucky Creek offers:

  • Slots
  • Table games
  • Video poker
  • Other games

So now that we are a “proud member” of the casino, let’s take a closer look at some Lucky Creek casino’s games.

Slot Games

The casino has just under 90 slots, which is nothing short of disappointing. Don’t get me wrong, I get skeptical when casinos boast 2000 or 3000 slots that nobody ever plays, but the number of slots at an online casino should have at least 3 digits, amirite?

Most of these slots are made by Betsoft and, thankfully, Betsoft makes some really great slots.

  • My personal favorite is “After Night Falls”. I never won anything significant but it has that “DUN DUN DUUUUUUN” sound every time you start matching symbols. It’s so dumb and I love it, dawg!
  • Another one I liked was “At the Copa”. Her name was Lola, she was a … slot player!? Ahem, anyway, this one is pretty similar to the “After Night Falls” but it’s about the famous song. Unfortunately, you won’t be hearing the theme of the “Copacabana” song but you’ll probably have fun listening to bongos and matching pictures of high heels and flamingos.

Table Games

If you ever read any of my reviews of online casinos, you’ll know that your boy Derrick loves him some roulette. I hope you’ll also sympathize because of the disappointment I felt when I clicked on the “Table games” section and saw only one American and one European Roulette. How am I supposed to get my fix?

Honestly, when it comes to table games, Lucky Creek seems to only have a bunch of blackjack games on offer. If you are a blackjack player, good for you! If you aren’t, you get to suffer like your boy Derrick.

Jackpot Games

Before you even ask, NO, you won’t be able to see what the current active jackpots are from the homepage.

Luckily, you can view the current jackpots from the “Leaderboards” page. There ain’t too much going on there but it’s nice to have an overview of where you stand if you are trying to score big.

As of writing this, Lucky Creek hosts 4 active progressive jackpot games.

Video Poker

The lost art of Video Poker games is very much alive and available at this casino. Despite all the casino’s shortcomings, I’m giving them props for having a separate section for video poker.

It’s so hard to find decent video poker games in today’s casinos. As for what’s available, they’ve got about a dozen of them, including:

  • Bonus poker, Double bonus poker, jacks or better, deuces wild, bonus poker deluxe, and a few others.

Good on you Lucky Creek for keeping video poker alive.

Live Casino Games

There isn’t a live casino online, dawg. (Click here if you want to play at one) I’m not really surprised seeing how the available software providers don’t actually make any live games. The shade of it all!

game providers



Lucky Creek works from a mobile phone browser and that’s about it. I was able to log in and even play a few games. I gotta say, it works without any lags or glitches. The webpage may not be perfectly optimized for phones but it works just fine.

No mobile app is available, which I get, and don’t blame them for it.

What I don’t get is why do they have a Lucky Creek online casino desktop app that doesn’t work? Not that you really need it, but what’s the point of even having it if it doesn’t load properly?

Just use any old browser to play at Lucky Creek, either mobile or PC/Mac is fine.

Lucky Creek Casino Payment Methods

deposit methods

withdrawal methods

Visa MasterCard
Bank Transfer

Let the banking show begin!

Deposit Methods

Want to deposit some money? No problem! Lucky Creek is more than happy to take your hard-earned money.

Here are the available deposit methods:

  • Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Skrill, Neteller, ecoPayz, and Bitcoin

Deposit times are instant and the minimum deposit amount is $20

Interestingly, the website’s banking page still shows instructions on how to deposit from the US and the UK while also listing them as restricted countries in its T&S. It’s called “updating”, dawg!

Withdrawal Methods

Want to withdraw some money? Well, that might be a problem.

First the facts! The accepted withdrawal methods are as follows:

  • Courier checks, regular mail checks, refunds to Visa Cards, payment to credit cards, Skrill, Skrill Visa, Skrill MasterCard, Skrill Bank Transfer, Neteller, ecoPayz, and Bitcoin

Now for the fun bits! The withdrawal fees:

  • Courier checks: $30
  • Regular mail checks: $15
  • Payment to credit cards: $15
  • Other payments are free

Waiting times range from being instant (eWallets) to taking 21 business days (regular mail checks)

But wait, there’s more! The real kicker:

The minimum withdrawal method is $100!

When you combine the minimum withdrawal with some of the withdrawal fees and waiting times, you’ve got a severe case of “NOT WORTH IT”

Oh, but it gets even better!

While I, personally, didn’t have trouble withdrawing funds, quite a few players have reported that the casino just doesn’t feel like doing withdrawals sometimes. 

Most of the time, this seems to happen when players get a win using one of the bonuses or promotions.

Players have reported some issues though, which I narrowed down to:

  • Their winnings went missing.
  • The casino “not having enough information” to issue a withdrawal.
  • Waiting for winning to arrive for over 30 business days.

Most of these issues did get resolved, but Lucky Creek is notorious for making you jump through flaming hoops whenever you ask for a withdrawal.

Accepted Currencies

Not too shabby! Lucky Creek Casino accepts USD, CAD, EUR, GBP, DKK, SEK, NOK.

Customer Support

Lucky Creek Casino provides a decent customer support service. They offer 24/7 live chat, email address support, and even a landline phone hotline (remember those?). While many people complain about problematic withdrawals, most agree that customer support is quick to respond.

I had a nice little live chat with the customer support team about some of the games. I gotta say, they seem to know what they are doing, or at least, pretend to know what they are doing.

I’m assuming that most players just connect to the live chat to yell at them because of the withdrawals so I like to think that my conversation was a breath of fresh air to them.

Available Languages

Nothing spectacular or worthy of note here. It’s just English, and that’s it!


Lucky Creek Casino Review Summary

I’m having a hard time finding nice things to say about Lucky Creek. I guess it has a nice selection of video poker games and some of the slots are kind of fun. I also like the cowboy theme but that’s about it. Here’s the gist:


  • VIP status is used in multiple casinos
  • Lots of seasonal promotions with great prizes
  • Good selection of video poker games
  • Cool Wild West theme
  • Few restricted countries
  • Phone number hotline
  • Bitcoin support

IMHO, Lucky creek’s biggest problem is its unfriendliness to players. The casino gives off that vibe as if it REALLY doesn’t want you to withdraw your funds and, even though it’s legally obliged to do so, it will make the process as difficult as possible. It has very few games and doesn’t seem like it cares about updating its library anytime soon.


  • You need to be logged in to just look at the games available
  • Problematic withdrawals
  • 100 $ minimum withdrawal requirement
  • Weak welcome bonus
  • Free spin bonuses usually have a requirement and are not worth it
  • VIP status barely gives you any benefits
  • Less than 100 games in total
  • No Live Casino games
  • Not many jackpot games
  • Terms and Conditions are very outdated
  • Several high withdrawal fees

But the creme of the crop is how it doesn’t even let you look at the library without first creating an account. Just imagine that you had to create an Xbox account before you can find out what games are available on the Xbox! It makes no sense and it’s a desperate attempt to get more accounts registered.

At the moment, I do not recommend you visit Lucky Creek. There are many other great casinos out there that do things better and ALL OF THEM will at least let you take a peek at their library before you decide to create an account.

Maybe in the future, they will ante up their game! Until then, we got you, Bro!


Overall Rating by casino bros logo

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Responsible Gaming:

Total Casino Rating

4 / 5

Despite being rough trade, Derrick prefers to use sarcasm over fists because the parts of Atlanta he grew up in still consider it witchcraft. A.k.a. The Buff Dude, he’s a sucker for roulette, a total video game geek, and a beast when it comes to online casino security. We mainly hired him because he is scary AF but don’t tell him we said that.





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