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Online gambling is not a new thing, it goes back to the 90s. Many things changed since the 90s in the world of online gambling but one thing stayed the same: gambling online was never free, bro. We know that gambling is supposed to be simple: you use your money to play, have fun and get that sweet dough back with interest. This long and winding road can be tricky, full of deception, danger, leading sometimes to bankruptcy and addiction.

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Social Casino Games? We Got You, Bro!

Now that we covered the basics of social casino gaming and their huge possibilities, it’s time to dive right into the heart of social casinos: social casino games. If you are thinking that there isn’t much to talk about this topic you are gravely mistaken, dude. This is where the fun is. This is what it’s all about. There are over hundreds of social casinos that offer thousands of online gambling games, where you don’t spend any real dough and you have tons of fun.

Apps like Facebook have thousands of games like online roulette, video poker, slots, blackjack, craps, baccarat, bingo, keno and other out of this world games that you can download onto your mobile device and play for free. If you don’t know which to choose we got you covered dude! Our great Bro Collective will make your life easier with this list of the most popular social casino games. Your only worry is to find yourself some hard rock casino online and start rocking and rolling your online gambling games!

The top four bad boy social casino games are listed as follows:

Blackjack: Some say blackjack is the king of all games. Let us tell you this, man: we all feel like royalty once you hit that magic number 21. As you probably know (or not) the goal of this epic casino game is to get closer to 21 than the dealer. He is our arch-enemy and we hate that guy. If you do this, you’ll double your pile of money. Just be careful not to go over 21, or you are screwed, man.

When you play social casino games the awesome thing is that they are free. And so are you, dude! Free to experiment and try any strategy that comes to your mind, without any danger of losing any real money. The other cool thing is that you can play against your buddies anytime and anywhere. Just pick your favorite social media app and invite your amigos for a nice game of blackjack.

Slots: Slot machines are not as classy as blackjack, but rest assured they are stupendously popular. Once you spin those wheels of fortune and land on a winning combination, it’s over man, you’re hooked. The games in slots social casino will offer you several tips and tricks to stack up your coins and win it big time. Here at CasinoBros, we suggest you focus your game on paylines and pay attention to each spin. This way you will have the best chance to hear that well known cha-ching sound.

There are hundreds if not thousands of free online slot machines for you to test out your luck. So pick your top slot social casino and spin away, man!

Roulette: For some dudes, this game is awesome and for some it’s a load of crap. One thing is for sure: roulette is the ultimate game of chance. Your goal is to predict where the ball will land on the roulette wheel and maybe you can score a huge prize. The best thing about playing social casino games you can practice your ass off, cause Bro they are free. And practice in playing roulette is really important, man. Even though this game looks like some crazy randomizer, the devil is still in the details. There are many combinations and variations in betting your money. So be careful, dude. That’s why it’s important to practice and master this bad boy before you decide to spend some real money. So dude, spin that wheel and dance with the devil.

Video Poker: If you are a sucker for cold calculations of odds and getting into the heads of your virtual buddies, video poker is your poison. If you really rock and can pull off a royal flush over the poker, then you deserve to win a shitload of money. So you can practice playing poker on social casinos, and sharpen those poker skills. But first, before you try games like video poker, learn all different hands. It is your poker alphabet. Once you’ve mastered the necessary skills and proven yourself winning millions and millions of free coins then you are ready to gamble for real and earns some real dough.

Social Casino vs. Online Casino?
We Got You, Bro!

Alright, so we know what online casinos are: they are online versions of traditional casinos. It’s simple as that. You can bet like in regular casinos, only online man.

What is that I hear you yelling? Gives us a social gambling definition? No problem, Bro. Since the official definition is full of law terms and is boring to death we’ll try to simplify it for you, man:

By most social gambling laws it is a practice or activity of playing a gambling-related game online, gambling is not conducted as a business and that involves players who all compete on equal terms. For playing, you can use a social media platform or a regular browser. All games are using fake money (virtual currency). This currency can be offered for free or it can be paid for by the player. There is absolutely no way it can be converted into real money.

We pitted these two monsters of online gambling and tried to answer the ultimate question about who would win:

In one corner, weighing over thousands of online casino sites and over billions of hours, nerves (and dollars) spent on playing, a veteran with rock-hard punches and undisputed champion, the one and only: online casino. And in the other corner, weighing over hundreds of games and billions of hooked and entertained players, relaxed and easy-going, the young gun with blazing fists, the Master of free coins: social casino. This awesome announcement explains the basic difference between online casinos and social casinos. There is a lot of stuff you need to think about, dude when you try to compare social casinos and online casinos. That can be a pain in the ass. So we decided to make a small “road map” for you so you can get a better picture:

Social Casinos

  • This is not real gambling, man!
  • It is completely safe and legal
  • Open to players who don’t gamble for any reason at all: ethical, religious, or whatever you can think of.
  • No risk of losing any money!
  • They have a gazillion of games to play
  • They work 24/7 so you can play those crazy games non-stop
  • Awesome way to perfect your game and use that skill to earn some real dough.

Online Casinos

  • Ok, now! This is real gambling!
  • They are not legal everywhere, dude
  • People have moral dilemmas with them
  • You can lose a lot of money! You have been warned!
  • A small number of games you can play

In the end, maybe there is no winner because the wining is not what is important, it’s all about the fun, dude!

It’s hard to compare social casinos and online casinos because it’s like comparing a Sunday chickens roast and triple-layered chocolate cake. We love them both, we enjoy them both, but there is a time and place for everything. Gambling included dude. Social gambling is a relaxed comfort zone for dudes who want entertainment, but don’t want to worry about monies. Online casinos are for the crazy and daring daredevils who seek the thrill of real adrenaline rush.

Social Casino Apps? We Got You, Bro!

Let’s talk about the elephant in the room: the most successful social media platform for online games is Facebook, period. Around 61 percent of people who gamble on social media use Facebook. The other 39 percent are divided between Google+, My Space and Bebo. The social gaming industry is really big and it’s getting bigger every day. It is humongous, dude! The value of $2.7 billion speaks for itself.

Social casinos draw several millions of Facebook users daily. Every fifth user has reached into his pocket and paid real money to buy some in-game goods and free coins. Social gambling has exploded and they have some of the sickest names in the gambling industry. The only thing you need to do, man, is to open Facebook or tap on the app on your mobile device and that’s it you are ready for some kick-ass social gambling!

In this crazy and tricky world of social gambling, we want to be your eyes and ears. That’s why we made this cool list so you can decide which online casino app will be your weapon of choice.


If you are looking for a casino to relax, have tons of fun and play some slots, Slotomania is a casino app you must have. It is made by an online game giant Playtika. This dude has it all: It’s free, it’s loaded with games, and it’s supported by a huge community on social media. If you need a reason to try Slotomania we have 5.4 million reasons for you – 5.4 million as in the number of users this app has every month. You can use their mobile app on or play this bad boy on Facebook. Whatever you choose, man, you’ll get full access to this awesome app with 20.000 coins welcome bonus and a bunch of other options like online tournaments. Loads of fun are guaranteed.

Hit it rich!

Do you remember FarmVille? Of course, you do, man! It’s one of the most badass Facebook online games, forged by a well-known gaming company Zynga. Well, Zynga dudes did it again! They outplayed themselves by creating Hit it rich! We can say this game is the ultimate slot game. As soon as you enter this game you will be instantly hooked on Game of Thrones slots theme game named ‘Dracarys’. This game is badass cause it’s a game about The Mother of Dragons – Daenerys Stormborn Targaryen. And that’s not all! Hit it rich! has an incredibly sick vibe with its action placed in a crazy extravagant casino. As you rush through the levels, you will stumble upon a great number of features. Yes, dude, that means more themes are included. Get ready for Star Trek, Ghostbusters, Terminator, Happy Days, Flashdance and many more themes that will blow your mind and make you beg for more.

House of Fun

House of Fun is another crazy social gaming app designed by Playtika, and that tells a lot about the smoothness of their online games. Believe us when we say it: you won’t be lonely, man, cause House of fun has over 200 games you can play at any time. This casino app has nearly 20 million users. They welcome you with 1,000 coins you can gamble away right away. In this awesome casino party never stops cause you can always replenish your virtual purse with your hard-earned dough. To top that Playtika made a loyalty program where you can reach bronze, silver, gold, platinum, diamond, royal diamond and black diamond tier.

Billionaire Casino

Billionaire Casino is a fun-packed and thrilling social casino app that we needed to have on our list. Made by Huuuge Global, this ass-kicking app has more than 100 social video slots and over 15 different ways to win free chips. When you first enter Billionaire Casino you’ll be guided through an instant tutorial. This will help you master controls of the game and by the end of the tutorial, you will have 5 million free coins in your virtual pocket. This app is not as popular as House of Fun or Slotomania, but it has a huge number of instant play games. Some of the games you can enjoy are classic slots, online poker, modern video slots, blackjack, roulette, video poker and baccarat.

A groomed beard and mustache are not the only source of this dude’s sophistication. Good ol’ John is a seasoned casino player who had affairs with numerous online casinos and online sports betting sites. He’s lethal with cards, especially poker, and a go-to guy for anything casino-related. You might think this guy is obsessed with casinos, but he’s the only reason the Bro Collective boat is still sailing.

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