Author: Derrick Brotrane

Despite being rough trade, Derrick prefers to use sarcasm over fists because the parts of Atlanta he grew up in still consider it witchcraft. A.k.a. The Buff Dude, he’s a sucker for roulette, a total video game geek, and a beast when it comes to online casino security. We mainly hired him because he is scary AF but don’t tell him we said that.
GSlot CasinoGSlot casino

GSlot Casino

It seems casino cats will get what they are looking for from GSlot casino: awesome, hot games, big explosive bonuses, and truckloads of free spins. Brace yourselves, Bro, it’s time for a GSlot Casino review.

GunsBet CasinoGunsBet Casino

GunsBet Casino

We present you GunsBet casino, another awesome online casino where you can find some kickass games, decent bonuses, and overall good support. Cause with GunsBet you can luck’n’load it baby without thinking twice!

Casinomia CasinoCasinomia

Casinomia Casino

Casinomia is a fresh online casino, launched in 2019. Despite its late start, this online casino means serious business. Their goal is to break all expectations and to prove themselves as one of the top online casinos.

Casino LabCasino Lab

Casino Lab

Casino Lab website makes you feel like you entered a lab of some wacky professor that makes potions and does crazy experiments. It’s not far from the truth, cause soon we came across this quote: “Casino Lab is the laboratory where entertainment is the main goal of all the science madness.”

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