The OMG Canadian Race “Marches into March”

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  • Affiliates will be additionally rewarded for Canadian FTD’s.
  • Incentives range from €750 to €2,250 throughout March 2022.


OMG Affiliates has announced the beginning of the OMG Canadian Race, attractively labelled “March into March”! Affiliates who send Canadian traffic for their casino brands will be rewarded with lucrative incentives according to the number of first-time depositors (FTD’s), on top of their commission payouts.

From March 1st to March 31st, 50 FTD’s will be rewarded with €750, 80 FTD’s €1,200, 100 FTD’s €1,500, and 150 FTD’s will yield a whopping €2,250. Each account that scores more than 50 FTDs will receive an additional leaderboard incentive to the monthly commission payout.

The OMG Canadian Race is valid for all casino brands and all affiliates can participate with all their OMG Accounts. Please reach out to your affiliate manager and make sure you are enrolled in the contestant list.

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