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New Online Casinos? We Got You, Bro!

Finding new online casinos in Canada doesn’t require luck but research skills! To save you the trouble we CasinoBros did the boring legwork and compiled a list of new online casinos that fit the bill through and through.

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New Online Casino Canada

Wanna find an amazing new online casino in Canada? We got you, Bro! Here are some of our most favourite new online casinos.

cosmicslot casino

Cosmic Slot Casino

casino rating

Full FistFull FistFull FistFull FistHalf Fist

4.4 / 5

welcome bonus

1st Deposit 100%/CA$600

withdrawal time

1-7 days



Cosmic Slot Casino is restricted in your country, Bro!
SpinGenie Casino

Spin Genie Casino

casino rating

Full FistFull FistFull FistHalf FistEmpty Fist

3.1 / 5

welcome bonus

1st Deposit 108FS

withdrawal time

1-7 days



Spin Genie Casino is restricted in your country, Bro!
ice36 casino

ICE36 Casino

casino rating

Full FistFull FistFull FistFull FistHalf Fist

4.2 / 5

welcome bonus

1st Deposit 100%/CA$100+36FS

withdrawal time

1-7 days



ICE36 Casino is restricted in your country, Bro!
savarona casino

Savarona Casino

casino rating

Full FistFull FistFull FistFull FistHalf Fist

4.2 / 5

welcome bonus

1st deposit 100%/C$500+100FS

withdrawal time

1-7 days



Savarona Casino is restricted in your country, Bro!
webbyslot casino

Webby Slot Casino

casino rating

Full FistFull FistFull FistFull FistHalf Fist

4.5 / 5

welcome bonus

1st Deposit 100%/CA$500+100FS

withdrawal time

1-7 days



Webby Slot Casino is restricted in your country, Bro!
swift casino

Swift Casino

casino rating

Full FistFull FistFull FistHalf FistEmpty Fist

3.8 / 5

welcome bonus

1st Deposit Bonus 100%/CA$100+50FS

withdrawal time

1-7 days



neon vegas casino

Neon Vegas Casino

casino rating

Full FistFull FistFull FistHalf FistEmpty Fist

3.9 / 5

welcome bonus

First deposit 500%/$500

withdrawal time

1-3 days



Neon Vegas Casino is restricted in your country, Bro!
ultra casino

Ultra Casino

casino rating

Full FistFull FistFull FistFull FistEmpty Fist

4 / 5

welcome bonus

1st Deposit Bonus 100%/$100

withdrawal time




Ultra Casino is restricted in your country, Bro!
LordPing Casino

Lord Ping Casino

casino rating

Full FistFull FistFull FistFull FistEmpty Fist

4 / 5

welcome bonus

1st Deposit 100%/$100+35FS

withdrawal time

1-7 days



Lord Ping Casino is restricted in your country, Bro!
slots palace casino

Slots Palace Casino

casino rating

Full FistFull FistFull FistFull FistHalf Fist

4.4 / 5

welcome bonus

1st deposit 100%/$500

withdrawal time

1 to 5 days



Slots Palace Casino is restricted in your country, Bro!

New Online Casino – Discover New Online Casinos Canada 2021

Here we discuss new online casinos in Canada: How to find them, what to look for, and how to decide which casino sites will have the highest rating in our reviews. From banking methods and games to bonus offers and free spins, this is a step by step journey with a single destination point – you, our readers, having the best time of your life in one or more new Canadian casinos.

What Makes New Canadian Online Casinos Stand Out?

There are several key factors that determine how good online casinos are, no matter how old or new they are. Also, if we are talking about new Canadian casinos, some other casino features might be included, namely those that new casinos are relying upon in order to attract attention and build a loyal customer base.

In general, casinos that stand out of the crowd are well known for their impeccable record, meaning they are safe to use and well protected in terms of personal data security. The players themselves, however, are most interested in casino bonuses, the better they are – the more popular the casino will be. Usability is another very important issue, in a sense that an online casino is supposed to be easy to understand, use, and navigate, with plenty of languages spoken and currencies accepted.

Games and software providers are also crucial in the casino industry, for reasons that are self-explanatory. Simply put, people love interesting and well-executed casino games, with a friendly return to player percentages. Other factors that determine how good a casino is are banking methods and customer support. Obviously, we all want tight and safe banking methods, with the shortest withdrawal time possible, and customer support is important for reasons known to every living human who at some point went shopping. Sooner rather than later, we all need assistance and having a quick to respond team by our side means a lot when you are playing casino games for real money.

The last two factors and they are not the least important by any means, are mobile casino platforms and responsible gambling tools and features. As the name suggests, a good mobile casino will enable you to play your favourite games on the move, with no technical, visual, or any other issues. In every gaming segment, a mobile casino should provide a gaming experience as close to a desktop, or laptop, as humanly possible. On the other hand, there are eight responsible gambling features and tools that casinos can implement and, you guessed it, the more – the better. Gambling addiction is a serious problem and we reward the best casinos in this segment by giving them a slightly better casino rating.

As for the new casinos in Canada that stand out, they all must meet the above-mentioned criteria, and if they truly want to succeed they have to invest an additional effort, especially in the games, usability, support, and bonuses departments. The best new casinos will have the newest games made by creative developers, near-perfect usability thanks to technological advancement in recent years, they will accept cryptos and have plentiful banking methods, customer support is known for its speed, and most importantly, bold and generous bonuses that will convince people to try their luck and skill in a particular virtual gambling house. The most common way to do so is to offer players substantial welcome offers, no deposit spins and/or free cash, and some deposit based free spins on top of that.

New Online Casinos VS Established Online Casinos

Old casinos vs new casinos is a frequent topic amongst Canadian gamblers. We all want to check every nook and cranny when it comes to casinos we are attracted to, and it is a blessing these days to have such fierce competition between new casinos and old ones, with all of them trying to offer us the best deal there is. In the text below we will explain why older casinos still draw crowds under their virtual roof, and how new casinos are trying to take over the gambling Canadian market. Free spins, no deposit bonuses, nice banking methods, and other incentives are what new casinos are relying upon mostly as means to draw new customers away from older, well-established casinos.

The Expansion of New Canadian Online Casinos

It might be overstated to call it ‘a boom’, but new online casinos are becoming more and more aggressive in their effort to gather a massive gambling audience. New casinos are entering the market literally every day, and sometimes it is hard to tell which ones are good, and which are not. Luckily, our guide will help you to sort out new casinos with ease, and find the ones that will bring the best financial and entertainment value.

Advantages and Disadvantages When Comparing New Casinos to Established Casinos

Diversity and opportunity are the keys to success for the newest online casinos. yes, this statement is applicable in almost every imaginable situation, especially new online casinos. A gambler could be looking for new exciting games, a generous casino bonus, no deposit free spins, a VIP program with exclusive rewards – it doesn’t matter, what a gambler needs are both new and old casinos, so he or she can decide what’s best exclusively for them alone.

Having said that, it is also true that new casino sites in Canada have a different approach to customers than the older, well established online casinos, especially in terms of the overall user experience, mobility, features, payment methods and currencies available. In the text below we will break down the pros and cons of your average Canadian online casino, both the old ones and the brand new online casinos.

Advantages of New Casino Sites

New online casinos offer players a unique chance to experience the latest in technology, entertainment, usability, and lucrative bonuses and offer designed to attract new gamblers from around the world. Canadian casinos are no different, so let’s break down all the advantages of opening your casino account in a fresh Canadian online casino.

The Best Casino Bonus Offers

This is pretty much self-explanatory. Every new online casino, Canada based or not, has to attract a lot of new gamblers in order to stay in business, and lucrative deposit bonuses, and sometimes no deposit bonuses, are the quickest way of getting your gambling site packed with new customers.

New online casinos will make you the best bonus offer there is, filled with a rich match bonus, no deposit spins, 100 free spins or even 200 free spins, low wagering requirements, and a hefty cashback. Great promotions go hand in hand with a good welcome package, so it’s no wonder that every once in a while we see a new casino in Canada with pain-free registration, great payment methods, and above all – a fantastic casino bonus policy.

Innovative New Casinos Online

The first thing about new online casinos that pops out is their innovative approach. Brand new online casinos have a tendency to bring more new features and technologies to the table, while established, well-known casino sites in Canada can become lethargic over time, and sometimes borderline lazy. Remember, although gamblers usually think of winning and money first, online casinos are all about the excitement, thrill, gaming experience and entertainment.

The best examples are virtual reality casino games, mobile apps, and cryptocurrencies. Almost every new online casino has some, or all of the features listed, making itself more appealing to new customers, especially younger ones. More frequently than not, old casino veterans will be amazed at how interesting, flexible, and immersive new Canadian online casinos can be.

New Casino Games

It’s one of the basic principles of economy – if you want to bring new customers in, you have to offer something interesting and refreshing. New online casinos will often feature a whole new variety of casino games, backed up by top-notch software providers. Old casinos with a stable income and customer flow, do not feel the need for such incentives, but new online casinos in Canada are bound by the market laws to entice new players with top of the line casino games that are expensive to invest in, which is why older casinos are sometimes reluctant to enrich their game selection and the number of game providers available on their casino site.

The Best Payment Methods

One of the trademarks of the best new online casino is definitely payment options. This is a cornerstone of the online gambling industry and Canadian new casinos are quickly catching up with the latest trends. These days it is not enough to have fast and secure payment methods, which many players are taking for granted, but it is also crucial to have as many payment options available, with as many accepted currencies, including cryptocurrencies. Speed is another crucial factor that separates good payment methods from bad, and new Canadian casino sites are trying their best to provide players with safe and swift payouts.

Casino Customer Support

Not much to say here, Canadian new casinos will do anything to attract new players and superior customer support is a key factor in that endeavour. New online casinos have both time and resource maneuvers to focus on players and keep them well informed and assisted. A task that is made easier by the fact that customer support of a new online casino will have far fewer players to worry about than some old, famous online casino, and those players will get their full attention, which is a very important part of the overall user experience.

VIP Program and Loyalty Program

Those 50 free spins you’ve got at the end of the week are not coincidental, just as that reload bonus up to C$100 is not an accident. New online casinos tend to have a somewhat generous loyalty program right off the bat, and a VIP program to match. A new trend that emerged lately is relying less and less on rich high rollers, focusing more on regular players and including them in their VIP program, or rewarding loyal, long term players with nice perks and benefits through their loyalty program.

Disadvantages of Brand New Casino Sites

Fortunately for all of us, new online casinos on average carry far fewer downsides than benefits. Still, every new casino represents a potential threat and it is good to know where the dangers are lurking about.

Casino Scams

This was expected to happen and new Canadian online casinos are trying to overcome the suspicion every single day. The potential loss of money and, sometimes more importantly – personal data, is what keeps new players at bay and the lack of brand recognition is a major problem for new online casinos, Canada based or not. Our advice is to read reliable casino reviews such as ours and see for yourself whether a new online casino is a 100% legit, safe business, or some shady operation.

Casino Gambling Licenses And Regulations

Every casino site is bound by the law to have a legit gambling license, issued by respectable, state governed gaming authorities. It is a common thing to see a new casino offering you truly great deposit bonuses and 150 free spins to boot, but they are not backed up by a certificate issued by the top tier gaming authorities.

The best example is a hypothetical new casino site with a Curacao online gambling license. Such a license offers less regulation and legal protection than a licence issued by the Malta Gaming Authority, not to mention – the United Kingdom Gambling Commission. This is not to say that all casino sites with Curacao licenses are a threat to your bankroll and personal information, but rather that they offer less regulation than new online casinos with a Malta Gaming Authority license.

Prolonged Payout

This happens a lot. A gambler has spent his or her 50 free spins, used all casino bonuses, fulfilled the wagering requirements, and now it’s payout time. But instead of receiving money in 3 to 5 days, a player is waiting one week, or even more. It is true, sooner or later we find an online casino in Canada that runs a legit online gambling operation, has all the licenses you would want, but your withdrawal takes forever.

While this is mainly a concern for legislative bodies and gambling commissions of a particular country, what we players can do is read every single detail mentioned in the terms and conditions page, and read trusted casino reviews made by the proven gambling industry pros. This is what we do for a living, we scan new online casinos in Canada and look for potential pits and downfalls when it comes to payouts, so we could alert the players in time and point out that something could be fishy in a certain casino site, that in all other regards function like a legit, state-approved business.

How We Review The Best New Online Casinos Canada

When it comes to fair and honest assessment, online casinos are just like any other business. There are some rules and regulations, general practices and standards, as well as innovations and bold, visionary moves. We test the Canadian new online casinos upholding the same principles we apply to other casino sites around the world, in addition to some obvious, country-related issues in the fields of law, finance, regulations, and cultural background.

What We Look For When Comparing New Casino Sites 2021

There is no written rule about it, but new online casinos are put to the test in seven departments that a player will deal with in literally every Canadian casino. We will guide you through each of them, step by step, so you can see how rating new online casinos is done in practice.


What is casino site usability? A word that is so simple, yet at the same time very hard to explain, especially if a gambler is a newbie. In the shortest possible way, casino usability refers to a set of features and options that enables players to enjoy casino games effortlessly and to have the best gambling experience possible in an online casino. Canada is not an expectation, and when you see a new online casino that we found to be very ‘usable’, this means that a particular casino site is very enjoyable, easy to use, and also easy on the eyes, ears, and a device you are accessing it with.

Usability is not only how well casino games perform on your mobile phone or a computer, how good the casino site and its games are optimized for mobile use, but all of the details scattered on the casino website. Is it accessible in terms of semantics and context? Does the casino accept CAD? How does it interact and communicate with players? How many languages does the casino support? Is it cluttered and hard to handle or is it well designed and easy to grasp? These are all tiny puzzles that make up the grand picture called usability. Fortunately, the best new online casinos are totally aware of it and user experience strategies are well thought out, with lots of workers, resources, time and money invested in it.

Customer Service

This is one of those make it or break it categories in the world of online casinos. All casinos have it, but the quality of customer service ranges from excellent to borderline criminal, and it’s a service worth thinking about when you choose your next favourite online casino. In our reviews, all casinos, Canada based or not, new and old, are put to the rigorous test.

In order to get the highest marks, a casino has to have not only professional, helpful and quick to respond customer service, it also has to provide all possible methods of communication. Those include 24/7 email support, a direct phone line, and most importantly 24/7 live chat support. The good news is that the vast majority of new online casinos will offer 24/7 live chat customer support, especially in Canada and other, highly developed countries.

Casino Games

Alongside bonuses and other incentives, casino games are the bread and butter of online casino sites. No matter how usable, well supported and optimized a casino is, no matter how attractive its welcome package is, all is in vain if it lacks great and interesting casino games, made by top of the line game providers. A new Canadian online casino is likely to have an excellent game selection because it is the most powerful tool to gather a wide audience and build a stable customer base.

Casino games are divided into several categories – slot games, table games, live dealer games, jackpot games, lottery games, live show games, virtual sports, and sports betting. Choosing the best of the bunch is a matter of personal preference, but some rules still apply. Slot games must be plentiful, well designed, engaging, with opulent rewards, jackpots and a return to player percentage of 96% and above. A well known Book of Dead slot game fits the bill perfectly, and we do not recommend slot games with an RTP of less than 96%.

A good online casino Canada has access to will offer equally diverse, well-made table games and live casino games. Again, it’s the good software providers we are looking for in a live casino environment, such as Playtech casinos. Playtech, Evolution, Pragmatic Play, Ezugi, Authentic Gaming, and other A-listers, are a guarantee that you will be surrounded by pro dealers, nice and cozy live casino studios, and top of line technical support.

Live show casino games rely heavily on hosts, their charisma and the ability to entertain the casino audience, so we rank them accordingly. As for virtual sport and sports betting, there are a couple of things we do take into consideration – the odds, the number of sports and events, the welcome package, tournaments, deposit bonuses, wagering requirements, does it have a free live stream and many other incentives.

Software Providers

The old saying ‘the more, the merrier’ looks like it’s made for software providers alone. It’s that simple, what you should look out for are new online casinos with game providers that come in spades. Naturally, our Canadian online casino rating depends not just on a sheer number of providers, but their quality and prestige as well. For example, a new casino worthy of our praise will have at least over 2,000 games, and over 30 game providers that are famous around the world for their superb casino games.


Long gone are the days when a new casino could have a high rating without an impeccable mobile casino platform. In fact, it seems that new online casinos start their funding and design based around a mobile casino and its usability. Perhaps this is the reason why in our reviews mobile usability gets the highest rating on average.

The truth is, almost all new online casinos have at least moderately playable mobile options, a few of them truly offer a state of the art mobile gambling experience, while the overwhelming majority of casino sites have good mobile design that provides issue-free gaming on the move, no matter what device you hold in your hand.

It’s very easy for us to be critical and even cynical when we describe a reload bonus, a welcome bonus, or some other deposit bonus, but these days it’s both hard and easy to write about mobile gaming and be critical, fresh and fun to read at the same time. Naturally, even the best mobile casinos can not replicate the same features, screens and experience you will get on your laptop, some casino games are not supported on mobile phones, but they are getting better and better with each passing day.

Banking Methods – Deposits and Withdrawals

Definitely, the least interesting, but equally important casino segment to write about. Banking methods are extremely important for obvious reasons, and when a new casino emerges it’s our job to find out how safe, fair, and quick its banking methods are. As a rule of thumb, the best rating is attainable for those casinos who combine a lot of banking methods with no transfer fees, with the shortest withdrawal time possible and accept all the currencies available, including cryptos. Another vital part of rating banking methods are the minimum and maximum transaction sums available.

Rich high rollers will be turned off by low daily, weekly, and monthly payout limits, and casual players do not like minimum deposits set very high. This is why we sometimes recommend a certain online casino to one type of player, and some other casinos to the other demographic.

Casino Bonuses

This is by far the most demanded information in every new Canadian online casino. It is only human for gamblers to be interested in what they are getting from a casino the most and caring less about all the possible dangers hidden in a casino’s T&C page. The good thing about new online casinos is that their bonus policies are usually better compared to older casinos. We will give you a few examples to give you a glimpse of how a welcome package works, and how to decide whether a welcome bonus is good for you, or not.

A welcome package worth over C$1,000 is considered good, and if there is a match bonus of 100% up to C$1,000 attached to it, or better, then this is a very good welcome package for casual players. You will enjoy a deposit bonus of C$1,000 by paying only C$500. Now, if by any chance that deposit bonus has additional 100 free spins as part of the welcome bonus, then this offer is truly great.

Finally, there are wagering requirements that come with every casino deposit bonus. A welcome offer with wagering requirements of 30x the bonus money is really excellent! Wagering 40 or 50 times the bonus or deposit money is okay, and everything above is not something we would recommend. Sometimes, you have to wager both your deposit and bonus money and depending on the multiplier this can be either acceptable or straight up unbearable.

How To Choose The Right New Online Casino in Canada For You

The question itself is impossible to answer honestly and objectively because Canadian players have different standards, expectations, playstyle, habits, and, let’s not deny it – bankrolls. One person prefers a live casino, the other is a slot games fan, third-person wants the best welcome package, and another one craves for 300 free spins, and a no deposit free spins bonus, if possible. So, to answer this question professionally and ethically, we must first ask what kind of a player are YOU personally?

How to Open a Game Account in a New Casino

Opening an account in a new casino is a two-step process. The first step is to find a casino that you like, with excellent credentials outlined in our pedantic casino reviews. Here we’ll talk a lot on the subject of how to choose a good casino, so right now we will focus on the second step, the physical act of opening a casino account, once you’ve managed to find your perfect online casino.

At some point, you will have to fill out a form of some sort and it is crucial to enter accurate information, especially about your basic info and residence. Remember, do not try to ‘outsmart’ or trick a casino, it is a very bad idea in the long run. After you create your username and a password, memorize it (our advice), or write it down on a secured piece of paper. We do not advise people to write their passwords on mobile devices because no matter how great and helpful they are, they all suffer from the same flaw – they can be lost, or stolen.

It’s real money we are talking about here, and our advice is to use passwords composed of letters, numbers, and special characters alike. The best passwords are long nonsensical sets of different symbols that are extremely hard to crack even for seasoned, professional hackers. Provide a legit, often used email address and a personal phone number, because you don’t want to miss on time-limited rewards and promotions.

Once you submit your registration form, you will receive an email or a text message from a casino for verification purposes. After completing the authentication process you can sign in to your account and you are ready to make a deposit or claim a no deposit bonus of some sort, usually free spins and/or free cash.

Avoid the temptation to open more than one account in a single casino, and keep in mind that in most cases only one IP address is allowed per person. This is done in order to prevent money laundering, other criminal activities, and not to mention – stop bonus hunters from exploiting the bonuses in a way that is against a casino business policy. Online casinos are no joke and you don’t want to break the rules as important as this, because if you do the consequences can be drastic. They range from financial ‘slap on the wrist’, to serious criminal charges, depending on the casino and the offence severity.

If you are an honest player, we advise you to send your ID and other requested identity proofs straight away. Those include an ID, passport, electricity bill, or some other relevant document that can confirm your identity and address. This will help you speed up the payment process once you decide to withdraw money from a casino. A lot of casinos use the KYC process, or ‘know your customer’, so they could verify the identity, suitability, and risks involved with maintaining a business relationship with a casino player the same way banks do it.

Safe casinos on our list will not trade or sell you personal information, and if you plan to visit them often you can speed up the process by verifying your account as soon as possible. That way, once you make a withdrawal request, your payment will be much quicker.

Are All New Casino Sites for Real Money Safe and Secure?

Of course, not all of them are safe and secure. New casino sites can be as treacherous and ill-intended as the old ones, but the good thing is that nowadays the methods of control and regulations themselves are far superior in every aspect compared to the period ten, or twenty years ago. If you don’t have the time or patience to search for a legitimate, safe and fair casino, feel free to check out our list of best Canadian casinos.

There you will find all the information you need to sort them out and find an offer that suits your game style, preferences, and bankroll. In the end, you will have peace of mind because all of the casinos we feature are 100% legitimate. But, just because a casino is fair and legally solid, it doesn’t mean it is a friendly institution that is here for your benefit alone. Casinos are serious mega businesses made for making money, so please read the complete terms and conditions section before you start to play and act accordingly.

Even the best online casinos in the world have caused a lot of bad blood between them and players, and it’s usually because players were impatient to take some time and get familiar with the rules and all the do’s and don’ts.

Payout Ratio at New Casinos

There are a couple of situations where gamblers talk about payout ratios in online casinos. The most common one refers to digital machines or slots in general. Every single casino game of this type has an RTP, or return to player percentage, which determines the amount of money that the machine will pay on average. So, a game with an RTP of 95% will ‘give away’ 95 cents for every dollar it takes away.

Do not fall for urban myths and casino legends, slot machines are impervious to predictions and pattern spotting. They are 100% random and the RTP (and your luck, obviously) is all you can count on when playing slots. Video poker games are another thing, they actually can be mastered, but that’s a topic for another time and a reason why online casinos generally do not offer players a chance to use their bonuses on video slots.

Another situation where a payout ratio plays a significant role is sports betting – both real sports and virtual ones. In that case, a payout of 5:1 means that on every dollar wagered you will receive five dollars if you guess the correct score or some other type of casino bet. Payout ratios can be very different depending on the casino involved, so be very careful and take your time to find casinos with the best payout ratios and the widest range of sports bets.

As for the traditional casino games, they are all based on the laws of probability. New casino or old, every game played in it has its own rules and payout percentages, so new casinos have little to offer in this regard – they can’t offer us new chances and odds. With that in mind, blackjack and its variants are the games with the lowest house edge in the casino industry, which is to say that on average, with the average luck and skill, you will lose the least amount of money if you decide to play blackjack for a long period of time.

Best Payouts From New Casinos Canada

The word ‘payout’ can mean a lot of different things in online casinos, depending on the payment method itself. In some cases, the best payouts will refer to the amount of money that a new casino is capable of delivering, indexed per day, week, month, or per transaction. In that regard, casinos with the best payouts are those that can pay you a six-figure sum over one month period, and those casinos are particularly interesting for high rollers, with or without a VIP program.

Keep in mind that casino VIP programs offer the best possible withdrawals in terms of speed and amount of money, but those high-tier programs are rarely accessible to casual gamblers. Another definition of a payout could be the amount of bonus money and free spins that a new casino is rewarding fresh gamblers. If that’s the case, we give the highest rating to casinos with a welcome match bonus of 100% up to C$1,500 or more, and an additional 100 free spins or more.

The best payouts can also include massive jackpots available on slot games. Both new casinos and old ones often feature multi-million dollar jackpots, which is definitely something worth considering when deciding which casino you want to open an account in. Lastly, ‘best payouts’ could refer to payment speed. Casinos with great banking methods and a quick verification process can make a payout on the same day a player requests a withdrawal, but in order to do so, a player must use the fastest possible banking methods such as e-wallets, or crypto payments in general.

New Online Casino with No Deposit Bonus

Casinos with no deposit offers are exactly what gamblers want from a new casino. We all crave some extra free money but bear in mind that no deposit bonuses are not designed for you to become rich in a matter of hours, but as an incentive for gamblers to start playing and having fun.

In other words, casinos will put very high wagering on your no deposit bonus and those 100 free spins, or C$20, can rarely produce winnings worthy of withdrawing and your casino C$20 bonus money will most likely parish in no time. In terms of sheer value, a new casino will usually offer you 20 free spins, or C$10, but some casinos actually have more substantial no deposit bonuses that can go up to C$50, or 100 free spins in some cases.

New Mobile Casino

Free spins and free chips, this is what you might expect from new mobile casinos these days. Mobile casinos are becoming more and more popular, especially among younger casino customers, and mobile casino bonuses revolve around free spins and some pocket change money you can spend right off the bat. Of course, this is all in addition to your regular welcome offer, based on a particular deposit bonus, or several of them.

This is where a new casino can truly shine and out maneuver older casinos with more attractive offers and a superior mobile platform that everybody seems to like. Some of the best offers made by new mobile casinos that we’ve found rely heavily on no deposit free spins rewards upon signing up, ranging from 20 free spins all the way up to 100 free spins, and even 200 free spins on rare occasions.

Those 100 free spins are naturally tied to wagering requirements of some sort, usually pretty steep, and in most cases, you can use them on one game only, such as Immortal Romance, Book of Dead, etc. Apart from those 100 free spins, the new casino will offer you a deposit bonus up to a certain amount of bonus money. A mobile casino bonus of C$500 is what we consider to be a bare minimum for a top rating new casino, and a bonus up to C$1,500 and up is definitely what you should be searching for in your quest to find a perfect new casino you can play out in the open, or during commuting and travelling.

Get Free Spins At A New Online Casino

Getting 100 free spins as a bonus in online casinos used to be a rare event, but with new online casinos emerging everyday things look a little bit different. Now, it is not unusual for a new casino to award 200 free spins, 300 free spins, or even more, and in most cases, those free spins are part of the welcome package. On rare occasions, players can get a certain number of no deposit free spins, which sounds great, and it is, but keep in mind that no deposit free spins usually come with hefty wagering, so they serve mora as a motivational and entertainment tool to keep the players moving, rather than an easy way to win serious amounts of cash.

Having said that, you should always look for casinos with the best free spins bonus, which is made out of plenty of free spins, low wagering, and a reasonable time limit in which the wagering has to be completed. One such example of a free-spins-rich welcome package could look like this: first deposit bonus 100% up to C$500 + 100 free spins, wagering 40x bonus money and 30x free spins winnings.

But the best free spins offer by far is the one without wagering whatsoever. If you find a new casino that you like, and it offers wager free 100 free spins as a part of their welcome package, this is a great deal and you should probably go for it. The only better new casino offer that we know of would be that same 100 free spins with no wagering, AND in the form of a no deposit free spins bonus. Unfortunately, offers such as those are extremely rare and the above mentioned, theoretical 100 free spins no deposit bonus would most probably be attached to very high wagering.

New Online Casinos Canada: Summary

This is a good time to be alive and a Canadian gambler at the same time. New casinos in Canada are emerging every day and the best part is that they are forced by the existing competitors to offer us the best deals possible. It boils down to generous bonuses, better banking methods, fresh games, more currencies accepted (including cryptos), and dedicated, tireless customer service. As it turns out, more and more Canadian players are willing to gamble on the go, so finding a great mobile casino is a must these days.

Fortunately, the market is well prepared for this scenario and new mobile casinos are becoming better and better as we speak. Surely, our list of best new Canadian casinos can help you a great deal, but you must remember that there is no such thing as ‘the best casino’. One new casino can be ideal for you, but a total disaster for another player, and it is our job to present you the facts so you can make a well informed, logical decision. Go for the new casinos that fit your needs, be it bonuses, free spins, banking, or the games you want to play. And please, take our advice and gamble responsibly, gambling can become a serious problem and it is meant to be a form of entertainment, not a way to make a living.

Responsible Gambling At Best New Casino Sites

Yes, it is true, gambling can be very addictive and it can cause serious financial and health-related problems. This is why we make sure to check every single related detail in our new online casino reviews. Every single online casino, Canada based or not, has a legal and moral obligation to prevent addiction in the best realistic way possible, and it is our job to check them out and tell you, the players, which new online casinos are doing a good job in this department.

Health forums, addiction hotlines, and help and support service aside, there are seven features that every casino site can implement in order to prevent serious gambling-related problems – online transaction history, self-assessment test, reality check reminder, time-out period, financial limits, self-exclusion, and manual flushing. The best Canadian new online casinos will have all of them, and players should not hesitate to use those features, or ask for help. Having all those features is a good sign that an online casino is trying its best to take care of players because, in reality, those anti-addiction measures are bad for the casino business since they prevent players from spending money uncontrollably.

And remember, there is no gaming experience worthy of your health and financial stability. If you find a new casino site, play the games for entertainment only, do not play games to make money. Treat your losses as a price for a great gaming experience, and consider your winnings as a sweet bonus that will enrich the overall user experience. A player should set his or her limits, both in terms of a bankroll and time, and never gamble on credit, or chase the money that he or she lost. This may sound pessimistic, but it’s the truth – the happiest players are those expecting to lose, and all they want from new online casinos are the thrill and excitement, both of them coming with a calculated cost.


  • How can I tell if a new casino site is safe?

    There are several things you should be on the lookout for when you find a new casino.

    Firstly, make sure the new casino is licensed (Malta Gaming Authority, UK Gambling Commission, Curacao). Besides casino licenses, a couple of “gamble responsibly” stickers at the bottom of the homepage are a good sign, too. Secondly, sift through the terms and conditions and see if anything looks fishy. Check the casino bonuses and see if any of them are too good to be true. Lastly, check out the player reviews from a reliable website.

  • Should I avoid a Canadian online casino if user reviews are saying bad things about it?

    Not necessarily, no. Keep in mind that the user rating can be based on anything. Players are allowed to express their opinions even if it’s for all the wrong reasons. If the player rating is bothering you, read through some of them. Players usually complain about losing money at online casinos, which is NOT inherently wrong in and of itself.

    After all, you can’t win them all. On the other hand, if the players are complaining about an online casino refusing to payout, then that’s a different story. See how many of those you can find. Online casinos will usually try to resolve any of these issues ASAP – but if they fail to do so, chances are the casino isn’t trustworthy.

  • Is there a catch if I see a fantastic deposit bonus?

    When something looks too good to be true, it probably is and this is usually the case with casino bonuses. A legitimate casino will tell you everything about their bonus but you might have to go digging for them. Many casinos will bury the bonus terms and conditions deep in the terms and conditions, including the wagering requirements. Remember, even the best-looking bonus in the world is worthless if the wagering requirements are too high.

  • Can I play games for free at some online casinos in Canada?

    Yes, you can. Generally, most online casinos will allow players to enjoy most of their games without even creating an account. Rest assured, these games will be available in demo mode, just don’t expect to win any money from them.

    From our experience, you will usually be able to play various slot games, table games, video poker, blackjack games, roulette games, even specialty games. The only exception is usually the live dealer games.

    Also, note that some websites may prevent you from doing anything until you create an account, which isn’t a real bro move.

  • How do I find games by specific software providers?

    Two words: Game filters. Online casinos often have games in the thousands. Because of this, finding specific games can be a doozy, hence the filters for games. If you want to find games by specific software providers all you have to do is use those filters. The sites should be able to list all games according to those software providers without a hitch.
    You can also check which casino sites list their software providers on reliable casino review sites (like this one).

  • Do new online casinos offer the newest games?

    Yes, they usually do offer some of the newest casino games.

    New online casinos will try to stand out from the well-established ones, so it’s only natural that they offer brand new games, too. Not only that, players who want the best new games from their favourite software providers will have more luck finding them at new online casinos. This usually only goes for video slots, although not so much for table games or live dealer games.

    While well-established websites often host better-known games, they rarely bother to update their software libraries once they reach a certain point.

  • Are payout percentages higher at new casinos online?

    Yes, new online casinos tend to offer better payout percentages, especially if you compare them to brick-and-mortar casinos. There are a few reasons why they attract players successfully, such as lower overhead and the fact that an unlimited number of people can play the same game at the same time.


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