First Affiliate Grand Slam Expo Rocks Dubai – Insights For Online Gaming Affiliates

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First Affiliate Grand Slam Expo, held a few days ago in Dubai, offered some great insights into the current state of the gambling industry.

Here are the key takeaways that may give affiliates a leg up in today’s EXTREMELY competitive casino industry.

Online Gaming Depends On Google, Now More Than Ever

Among the panelists was the chief business officer at Bojoko, Joonas Karhu, who outlined some major tips on branding, how to find cool affiliates, and how to negotiate a partnership that is mutually beneficial.

According to Karhu, the first thing every casino affiliate team needs is a competent SEO researcher who is neck-deep in Google’s algorithms. He advised entrepreneurs to continuously search and analyze a breadth of accessible information, especially those related to cryptos and hard-to-find bonuses.

Also, brand new casinos, e-wallet casinos, and those that insist on a fresh and innovative approach to online gambling will attract more public attention, traffic, and most importantly, engagement. Remember folks, engagement is the holy grail of any marketing campaign.

The Perks Of Social Media: Hanging Out With The Best In The Biz

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The panelist underlined that LinkedIn, Twitter, and even Facebook can be a tremendously useful tool to gain initial traction. Considering that social media is filled to the brim (almost everyone in the world is on at least one platform), it has become one of the most potent methods in reaching potential players and establishing a gambling community.

With this in mind, Karhu advises companies or individuals to browse social media and try to find both relevant industry groups and leaders. Connect, discuss, negotiate, and find the best angle for your business model.

Crypto Developments And Politics Sculpting The Future

Another super cool discussion at AGS in Dubai was about cryptos, politics, and how decentralized money will shape our future.

Talking from the economic standpoint, the founder of, Anna Melton pointed out that the technology will enrich highly technological societies and it will have a great impact on developing countries as well.

However, as CEO of BR Capital, Raphael Shmertz puts it: “Decentralization means very little when you’re not a programmer.”

With that in mind, Patrick Lowry – CEO and Managing Partner of Iconic Holding and the CEO of Cryptology Asset Group – used the sudden adoption leap in the United Arab Emirates as an example of how simpler access is the key to spreading cryptos across the world via a larger base of users.

On the other hand, the CEO of Keemoji, Alex Lightman elaborated about what kind of an impact spreading digital money to a billion people would have. He is certain that the numeric goal will be reached within the next decade because paper money is becoming redundant.

Another key point of speeches was the lack of faith in conventional, paper currencies turning digital. Simply put, there is a lot of skepticism about the digital Yuan because of privacy concerns, whereas the digital Dollar isn’t adequately pursued by the United States.

Understanding Your Affiliates: Don’t Be A Schrödinger’s Cat


This might seem obvious but the out-of-the-box approach was the key message delivered by panelists at the AGS expo, Karhu included. Keeping an open mind at all times is imperative. Just because your engagement and outreach yield some results, that doesn’t mean they can’t be improved. The message was: Be insightful and brave, bro! 

Positioning yourself outside the box and trying to figure out what else you could use in your pursuit of success is a cornerstone of success. Karhu says that platforms with relevant traffic can be used to your advantage. Alternative social media, streaming channels, or some obscure gambling blogs could be withholding some super helpful ideas, information, and people.

Not to mention, affiliate forums!

Karhu encouraged the audience to visit the places where affiliates hang out, and to seek out cool companies, people, ideas, and practices. Essentially, single out those who could benefit your business, and be the one to make the first move.

Then what?

Understanding your affiliates is what counts, and Karhu advised the audience to research them like crazy. Putting yourself in their shoes, figuring out how they run their traffic and what’s their crowd gathering formula is invaluable. Simply put, AGS visitors should always think in advance about how many ways affiliates are pushing users into their partners’ online casinos.

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