What’s up rollers,

Welcome to my Lucky Tiger Casino review, and boy, do we have a lot of things to discuss.

I will not beat around the bush, here we go:

Is it good? Yes, it is. Is it bad? Most certainly it is. Does it have a lot to offer? Sure, a lot of games and hefty bonuses. Will it cripple you in some sense, apart from money? You betcha!

This is the best worst online casino I had the privilege of reviewing. Likewise, Lucky Tiger is the worst best online casino I’ve been to. This is the Pacific Rim of online casinos.

This casino is like some men that my old granny used to warn me about. People with the potential to bring both joy and terror into your life. Lucky Tiger fits dead-on in this category – a playful rhino trying to greet you after a hard day’s work with a devastating stampede.

Let’s dive in and find out together why this casino is simultaneously so brilliant and atrocious.

Casino Review Details

So, how to review Lucky Tiger Casino and be able to look yourself in the mirror with a straight face? By admitting that it has some good sides and some bad ones.

Visually, it was very promising. Everything I like was there: attractive design, cozy atmosphere, and a soothing yet engaging color palette. Most importantly, it appeared as if it doesn’t take itself too seriously, which is pure gold in my gambling book.

Granted, this is a new casino, founded in 2020, and some problems are expected. But not in a million years would I anticipate that it will disappoint me AND bring me up so violently, in such a short time span.

Casino Features

Mobile Casino

Reality Check Reminder

Vip Program

Time-Out Period

Live Chat

Financial Limits


Self Exclusion

Online Transaction History

Help And Support

Self Assessment Test

Manual Flushing

Casino Info
website: https://luckytigercasino.com/
email: support@luckytigercasino.com
phone: 1-855-6107-674
established: 2020
owner: -
licences: Curacao
languages: Array

Country Restrictions

This is truly refreshing! After countless online casinos, I’ve been to, Lucky Tiger is open for players from the United Kingdom! And just when I’ve thought “wow, this is legit crazy”. But stick with me, it gets better: even citizens of the United States of America are welcome!

But, I guess that comes with a price, in a form of limited game developers selection – more on that later.

Having said that, this is the list of countries that are restricted:

  • Afghanistan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Belarus, Bhutan, Bulgaria, China, Costa Rica, Croatia, Curacao, Estonia, Guam, Hungary, India, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Malaysia, Netherlands Antilles, Pakistan, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Syria, Ukraine, Vietnam.

Lucky Tiger Casino Bonuses

If I want this review, to be honest, I’ve gotta say that the welcome bonus at Lucky Tiger Casino is somewhat great. I say “somewhat” because although the sums seem ludicrous, and there are three of them, they are hindered with hard-to-handle match and wagering requirements.

Without further ado, here’s the welcome bonus:

  • 1st Deposit Bonus: Up to $2,600 + 100% Cashback, Match 260%, Playthrough 30x.
  • 2nd Deposit Bonus: Up to $2,800 + 100% Cashback, Match 280%, Playthrough 30x.
  • 3rd Deposit Bonus: Up to $3,000 + 50% Cashback, Match 300%, Playthrough 30x.

Straight away, you can tell this is a seriously ambitious welcome bonus. Heavily burdened with wagering requirements, but still rich and gambling-viable. And the good stuff keeps on coming since Lucky Tiger Casino offers tempting daily bonuses via quests given to you by this charming, overly euphoric mascot tiger.

Other Bonuses

And here they are. If only Lucky Tiger Casino was this ravishing across the board, not just with cool bonuses.

  • Monday Quest: Artful as a Genie – 200% daily bonus + 20 free spins on 5 Wishes.
  • Tuesday Quest: Nimble Like a Thief – 210% daily bonus + 35 free spins on Cash Bandits 2.
  • Wednesday Quest: Crafty Like a Wizard – 100 free spins on Bubble Bubble 2.
  • Thursday Quest: Brilliant Like a Genius – 190% daily bonus + 30 free spins on Winmore.
  • Friday Quest: Cheerful Like a Mexican Fiesta – 200% daily bonus + 30 free spins on Diamond Fiesta.
  • Saturday to Sunday Quest: Wild Like a Storm – 200% daily bonus + 20 free spins on Storm Lords / 220% daily bonus + 30 free spins on Storm Lords, and 240% daily bonus + 40 free spins on Storm Lords.

VIP Program

Lucky Tiger Casino offers quite an interesting VIP program, and this comes from a little forest pixie who is in sort of a war with the arrogant VIPs. There are six levels of what they call the Lucky League. Let’s check them out and see what they give and take:

  • Enlightened apprentice: $75 Lucky Upgrade Chip, Lucky 195% Match, Monthly Cashback, Comp Points 18:1.
  • Tiger’s Associate: $150 Lucky Upgrade Chip, Tiger’s 235% Match, Monthly Cashback, Comp Points 16:1.
  • Lucky Fellow: &250 Lucky Upgrade Chip, Magic 250% Match, Monthly Cashback, Comp Points 14:1.
  • Fortune Maker: $500 Lucky Upgrade Chip, Fortune 275% Match, Monthly Cashback, Com Points 12:1.
  • Jungle Mentor: $750 Lucky Upgrade Chip, Jungle 285% Match, Monthly Cashback, Comp Points 11:1.
  • Master of Luck: $1,000 Lucky Upgrade Chip, Master’s 300% Match, Monthly Cashback, Comp Points 10:1.

Free Spins

As mentioned above, Lucky Tiger is a hell pit in many regards, but they do not lack free spins, I’ll give them that. The amount of free spins you can gather just by depositing is quite substantial, and I’ve managed to get a hold of a whole bunch of them by playing alone.

So, slots might be hyper-boring and repetitive, but they do reward players in a proper fashion. It’s just that there’s no middle ground with this casino – it either blows your mind or sucks to high heavens and back.

Lucky Tiger Casino Games

casino game types






Video Poker

Jacks or Better



As mentioned above, Lucky Tiger is a hell pit in many regards, but they do not lack free spins, I’ll give them that. The amount of free spins you can gather just by depositing is quite substantial, and I’ve managed to get a hold of a whole bunch of them by playing alone.

So, slots might be hyper-boring and repetitive, but they do reward players in a proper fashion. It’s just that there’s no middle ground with this casino – it either blows your mind or sucks to high heavens and back.

Lucky Tiger Casino Games

“Dearly beloved, we are gathered here to pay our last respect to all the online casinos who dared to cross our shadowy paths and mortal lives with only a couple of game providers…”

 What can I tell you, dear bros and broettes, it’s a disaster.

With only two, yes 2 game providers – RTG casino and Visionary iGaming – one can not realistically expect much. Now, this is not to say that RTG casino and Visionary are utterly useless. This only means that the choice of games in Lucky Tiger Casino is sub-par, to put it mildly.

Yes, there are a lot of games throughout the whole gambling spectrum, and no, that kind of lineup is no match for the competition. The lack of major players in the realm of games is sooooo visible and hard to swallow, I sometimes wonder who gave the green light for this project.

Diamond Fiesta? Yeah, I guess it’s cool and all, but the year of 2008 just called and it wants its graphics back.

Cash Bandits 3? That’s nice, looks good, acts good, rewards well, but the user interface and music, man… It IS user-friendly, but I don’t want all of my friends to look and behave like this.

On the bright side, the search engine is good and very responsive. Overall, games are nicely incorporated and as a whole, the system performs fine. Every day you can check for some new quests and rewards, which is awesome, but here we go again: only two providers of games cannot perform miracles on their own.

Fortunately, every now and then the dopamine-dependent tiger will give you a quest or two, so you can go on special and holiday adventures which makes gambling far more interesting and satisfying.

Slot Games

If you are a slot addict, like yours truly, this is what Hell looks like. No, I take that back, this is how Limbo feels and looks like.

You’re neither dead nor alive. You can go anywhere you like, but reach no destination. Everything seems ordinary and familiar, but with a strange, numbing shadow lurking beyond the veil of monotony. A seemingly warm, friendly wraith whose treacherous kisses dull your senses and wit.

In short, the slot section of Lucky Tiger Casino.

A good friend of mine recommended the Wild Hog Luau slot. So I tried it. And Achilles after that. And Asgard after that. And Count Spectacular after that. And Ancient Gods after that. And Eternal Love after that.

Do you see where I am going with this?

There is nothing particularly wrong with all of them. They work fine. They will reward you with some nice bonuses, and RTP’s are as expected and totally okay with me. And yes, my favorite dish is often served – I got tons of free spins in a few hours.

But bro, they are near cringy to watch. Whenever I make rash love decisions (which is often), my dear old granny is spinning in her grave with more flair and pizzazz than those damn machines.

Not my thing. At all.

Simultaneously, you will be glad to hear that Lucky Tiger offers a wide range of Video Poker slots, including Deuces Wild, Aces & Eights, and All American Poker. So, all is not lost in this forsaken paradise of mine.

Table Games

In terms of table games, Lucky Tiger is very straightforward and on par with other casinos. If you can disregard the wasteland in the games developing department, table games came out surprisingly bearable.

You can enjoy almost all of them, but let’s name a few all-stars:

  • Roulette
  • Baccarat
  • Poker
  • Keno
  • Blackjack
  • Jacks or Better
  • Pai Gow Poker
  • Caribbean Stud poker
  • Craps

Jackpot Games

The good news here, bros and broettes! After you place your min deposit, you can try out several games which can land you a whopping jackpot.

As usual, jackpots come in a couple of forms and shapes, not to mention – values. You can get it playing video poker and slots, and while the sums are not as astronomical and life-changing as in some other online casinos, it’s nice to see that Lucky Tiger is doing its best to catch up with the competition.

Played a couple of them last night. Had some fun, got some free spins, but no jackpot dared to knock on my door. Who knows, maybe it was ME who fed YOUR slot machine the right amount of money. Go and get it.

Live Casino Games

At Lucky Tiger Casino, the player will be able to play a selection of live casino table games powered by Visionary iGaming. The difference between the regular table games and the live table games is that the latter can be played with a real-world croupier guiding the action.

Lucky Tiger’s live casino section offers variations of such games as Blackjack, Baccarat, Roulette, and Super 6.

Well, this obviously isn’t what you would call a lavish live casino, but hey, it’s here, and it runs well. It’s a good place for beginners to taste the action first hand, and for pros to take a break from other games. But overall, they have a long way to go and we’re sure they’ll make it.

game providers

VisionaryiGaming RealTime Gaming


As per usual, this online casino hosts a mobile-friendly entertainment platform as well.

No matter what you hold in your hand, whether it’s an iPhone, iPad, or some Android operating device, Lucky Tiger can be the right place to go, while you’re on the go yourself.

During a brief test, I didn’t come across any significant lag or problem. Sure, you might encounter some minor difficulties when you attempt to handle money and your bank accounts, but having such inconveniences on your mobile phone is pretty much the industry’s standard.

Tried it on PC and it works like a charm.

Lucky Tiger Casino Payment Methods

deposit methods

withdrawal methods

Visa MasterCard BitCoin NeoSurf
Visa MasterCard Bank Transfer BitCoin

The good news is this: yes, there are both deposit and withdrawal options at Lucky Tiger Casino. The bad news is, you guessed it, there are very few of them available at Lucky Tiger.

Nitpicking aside, it is comforting to know that all of them are reliable and fast enough for an average online gambler such as you and me.

You can deposit your assets via these services:

  • Visa, MasterCard, American Express, BTC, IGC, Neosurf, PayId & BPay

You can withdraw your money using these services:

  • Visa, American Express, MasterCard, BTC, Bank Wire

If you are a miserable, non-VIP SOB like myself, and I think you are my dear, the maximum withdrawal limit is $500 per day and $2,000 per week.

The minimum deposit is $25.

It should be noted that all payments and personal data are processed using 256-bit SSL encryption. This will not bring you any luck, but you will sleep like a kitten knowing that your money and personal information are safely guarded.

Accepted Currencies

Of all the online casinos I’ve been playing in, Casino Lucky Tiger has got to be the most pathetic when it comes to currencies they accept. It’s bad, really bad.

Your money is good only if it features dead presidents and occasionally – British queen. That’s right bros and broettes, only American and Australian Dollars are accepted at Lucky Tiger.

“ROAR”?! More like “meow”.

Customer Support

Phew, just when I thought that writing a Lucky Tiger Casino review would be a tough call, its customer support came to the rescue.

It’s good, no doubt about it. Most importantly, they have all three key elements necessary to fulfill the needs of its customers: an email, a phone line, and above everything else – live chat support.

Live chat is at your disposal 24/7. Casino Lucky Tiger has a professional and pleasant team, willing and capable to help. Live chat waiting time is relatively short, people are vibrant and patient. In fact, I wish all my experiences with casino support teams were like this one.

Another thing, which is hugely underappreciated in the online casino community, is the well-put and easy-to-navigate FAQ section. For this feat alone, Lucky Tiger Casino deserves a recommendation because, unlike so many online casinos, the FAQ section can actually help you out before you die of old age or aneurysm, whichever comes first.

Passed with flying colors.

Available Languages

Well, this is a sorry lot. In fact, it’s not a “lot” in the first place. All you can hope for is the English language, and that’s it. A bit disappointing, even for an online casino this new.


Lucky Tiger Casino Review Summary

So, bros and broettes, what’s the bottom line of this casino review: Lucky Tiger? Should you, or should you not visit it?

Honestly, I don’t know.

One thing is certain, I will not do it again. This is humiliating for any slot junkie with a speck of decency in his or her heart. But, this casino could work just as well, especially for those who revel in the VIP zone, plan to play a lot, and I mean A LOT, or simply high rollers with extra spare time on their hand.

What’s cool about this casino?

Min deposit is okay, and you don’t really need a lot of money to have fun, and maybe get some delicious rewards. Security is bulletproof, a top-of-the-line system that provides peaceful playing, secured personal data, and money transfer.

Games are sufficient in numbers for my taste, but there’s a lot of catching up to do. Every single one I’ve played looks fair to me, and they do what they are supposed to.

Support is awesome! Period. If everything else on this website was like customer service, this review would be a glorious sonnet filled with praise and admiration.

Welcome bonus, yet again, is more than adequate. Not set for my gaming style and preferences but hey, this is just me! Perhaps this is exactly what you were looking for.

And then there are the software providers. The sheer lack of them, to be precise.

Sorry, but Realtime gaming and Visionary iGaming are not enough on their own. This affects all, from table games to a live casino. This is waaaay unacceptable in this day and age, and I can bet my own sweet little ass that you will be bored in no time IF they don’t change something drastically, soon.

That’s it for now, take care and roll them high! We got you, Bro!


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Total Casino Rating

4 / 5

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Why so few software providers?




Cos its available in the UK?




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