Sup, dawgs! This is your boy, Derrick, with another online casino review!

Today, we’re gonna be looking at, Highway Casino. Highway Casino is, well, different. From the moment I got on the homepage, I could tell that this was going to be an experience. Lo and behold, I was right. A few of these differences are friggin awesome but many of them and just plain weird (and not in a good way).

Yeah, dawgs, get ready for a really unique casino review.

Casino Review Details

Highway Casino was established in 2021, which makes it a brand new online casino. The online casino is owned by Verlo SP and has a Curacao license, which is pretty standard.

From the second I saw that homepage, it was almost as if I could hear Doc Brown shout “Derrick, my dawg, you gotta come back with me!” There’s no mistaking that sweet Delorean on the homepage. Ticking my nostalgia bone, are you Highway Casino? Well played, dawg!

The rest of the website does not disappoint either. Everything feels futuristic, although it’s giving me more Cyberpunk vibes than Back to the Future. Still, I ain’t complaining. The design itself is a breath of fresh air when compared to other online casinos (even brand new ones). I was really impressed, dawgs!

Casino Features

Mobile Casino

Reality Check Reminder

Vip Program

Time-Out Period

Live Chat

Financial Limits


Self Exclusion

Online Transaction History

Help And Support

Self Assessment Test

Manual Flushing

Casino Info
phone: +61 1800 921 457
languages: Array

Country Restrictions

So, now comes the part where I have to express condolences to players from United Kingdom and United States. NOT TODAY, DAWGS! Even though we thought it was impossible this SOB of an online casino did it and opened its gates to our American and British pals. Sadly, there are other countries that aren’t allowed to play at the casino. Here is the list of all the restricted countries:

  • Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Belarus, Bulgaria, Costa Rica, Colombia, Curacao, Estonia, Ecuador, Germany, Honduras, Hungary, India, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Malaysia, Moldova, Netherlands Antilles, Nicaragua, Pakistan, Panama, Poland, Romania, Russia, El Salvador, Turkey, Ukraine, Venezuela, and Vietnam.

Highway Casino Bonuses

If you ever wanted to know what a train wreck looks like, look no further than the “Promo” page of Highway Casino. I never thought these words would come out of my mouth, but there are way too many bonuses. I’m not kidding here, dawgs! Highway Casino has more than enough deposit bonuses to fill at least 10 online casinos.

So, why is this a bad thing? The casino has a TON of bonuses, isn’t that good? At first glance, they all seem fine: Huge rewards, special benefits for certain payment methods, and special VIP bonuses. What could go wrong?

Unless you ask the live chat, you won’t know that these bonuses are very much sucky. Meaning, both your bonus amount and deposit need to go through wagering before you can take that moolah home. These bonuses SUCK!

I’m convinced that Highway Casino’s goal is to make sure everyone gets a bonus, no matter what. However, to make sure you can’t change your mind and take back even your original deposit, they made all their bonuses sucky. So here are all of the sucky bonuses available.

Welcome Bonus

Here’s what you can get with your 1st and 2nd deposits:

  • 255% + 100 FS on Wild Hog Luau game
  • Minimum deposit: $30 ($10 if you use Neosurf)
  • Wagering (bonus + deposit) x33; (for Bitcoin and Neosurf deposit) x25
  • Max cashout 35x deposit

I know this sounds great, especially when you consider the Neosurf and Bitcoin wagering, but remember, dawgs, we’re dealing with a sucky bonus. So, in reality, the wagering requirements are twice the amount shown.

EXCLUSIVE Bitcoin Welcome Bonus

*cue newscast music* This just in, dawgs! The kind people of Highway Casino have reached to us and offered to sponsor an exclusive bonus on our website. I guess they didn’t read our entire review, huh? Anyway, for your (and my especially) amusement, here is the exclusive 350% Bitcoin Bonus. Also, this bonus is good for two deposits (1st and 2nd Bitcoin deposit).

  • 350% Bitcoin Bonus (for 1st and 2nd Deposits)
  • Min. deposit: $30 (in BTC)
  • WR = (B+D)x25
  • Max cashout = Dx35 / $35,000 (in BTC)

Exclusive Spin the wheel and try your luck

Another exclusive bonus, but not really. If you are confused about which bonuses to pick, you can let faith decide. If you spin the exclusive bonus wheel it will select one of the many bonuses just for you. By many bonuses, I mean The first welcome bonus and 2 no deposit bonuses. Not much for choice but I like how they designed this thing. It’s hard to look away when a giant pink wheel is spinning.

No Deposit Bonus

Much to my amazement, you can bet your ass they’ve got one of those babies lying around! If you want to dip your toes before you dip your credit card, call the live chat support and ask for a no deposit bonus. Or, you can come to your boy Derrick and take one of these codes which should give you some free stuff:

  • $25 free chip – LUCKYFIND25
  • $40 free chip – LUCKYFIND40 
  • $50 free chip – LUCKYFIND50 

Free spins on Cash Bandits 3:

  • 20 free spins – COFFEE20 
  • 40 free spins – COFFEE40 
  • 50 free spins – COFFEE50 

Now, dawgs, these may not always work. If that happens to be the case, just call the live chat support and they’ll hook you up with new codes. Also, goes without saying, but you can only claim one of these. 

Other Deposit Bonuses

Something to point out for the following bonuses: they work on pokies, real series video pokies, keno, bingo, board games and sometimes (but not always) card games.

Now, when you deposit a certain amount of money, a window should pop up which will let you select the bonus you want. If you are just starting out, you’ll see PLENTY of options. Don’t bother thinking too hard ‘cos all of them stick like chewing gum in hair!

Also, if you noticed that some of these are very similar and do the same thing, that’s ‘cos they are. They are just there to make sure that all your deposits turn into sweet, sweet bonus money that you can’t withdraw back without meeting the wagering requirements.

New Game Bonus

  • $30 – 120% bonus + 50 FS  
  • $50 – 150% bonus + 50 FS 
  • $80 – 180% bonus + 50 FS 
  • $100 – 210% bonus + 50 FS 
  • $150 – 230% bonus + 50 FS 

WG = (Bonus + Deposit) x33 ; x25 if using Neosurf or Bitcoin. No maximum cashout. 

Holiday Welcome Bonus

Even though it says that this is a welcome bonus, it really isn’t. Your boy Derrick contacted chat support but they didn’t tell me jack s#!t about this. No way is this a welcome bonus because A) it’s a worse deal than the welcome bonus and B) it can be claimed 3 times a day.

  • For $50 get 200% match bonus 
  • For $100 get 250% match bonus + 50 FS 

WG = (Bonus + Deposit) x33; x25 if using Neosurf or Bitcoin. No maximum cashout.

There’s a good chance that this one is either a typo or a limited-time-only bonus.

Hot Game Deal

Here’s a recurring bonus that you can get whenever you deposit enough money.

  • For $50 get 160% match bonus + 30 FS 
  • For $100 get 190% match bonus + 30 FS 
  • For $150 get 225% match bonus + 30 FS 

WG = (Bonus + Deposit) x33; Bitcoin and Neosurf deposit wg x25. No maximum cashout. 

BTC-Powered Bonus

For all you clever dawgs out there that are rolling in dough cos you invested in bitcoin when they weren’t worth jack, this is the bonus for you. Make a deposit in BTC and claim the following match bonuses. 

  • For $30 get 160% match bonus 
  • For $50 get 190% match bonus 
  • For $80 get 220% match bonus 
  • For $100 get 240% match bonus 
  • For $150 get 260% match bonus 
  • For $200 get 280% match bonus 

WG = (Bonus + Deposit) x25. No maximum cashout. 

Neosurf-Powered Bonus

Yeah, I’m pretty sure that this casino really wants you to use Neosurf as a deposit method, dawgs. Just look at these. 

  • For $10 get 160% match bonus 
  • For $50 get 190% match bonus 
  • For $80 get 220% match bonus 
  • For $100 get 240% match bonus 
  • For $150 get 260% match bonus 
  • For $200 get 285% match bonus

WG = (Bonus + Deposit) x25. No maximum cashout. 

Cards Bonus

How ‘bout that, dawgs? A bonus specifically for video poker. Colour me impressed, ‘cos I thought these no longer existed.

  • Deposit $30 ($10 with Neosurf) and get a 120% bonus for Blackjack, Multihand Video Poker, Video Poker and Tri Card Poker. 

WG = (Bonus + Deposit) x44. Max cashout x35 

Highway Bonus

More plain deposit bonuses incoming: 

  • For $30 get 130% match bonus 
  • For $50 get 165% match bonus 
  • For $80 get 200% match bonus 
  • For $100 get 220% match bonus 
  • For $150 get 240% match bonus 

WG = (Bonus + Deposit) x33; x25 if using Neosurf or Bitcoin. No maximum cashout. 

Highroller’s Bonus

If you are planning to deposit $100 or more, you may be interested in these bonuses:

  • For $100 get 220% match bonus + 30 FS 
  • For $200 get 240% match bonus + 40 FS 
  • For $250 get 260% match bonus + 50 FS 
  • For $300 get 280% match bonus + 60 FS 

WG = (Bonus + Deposit) x 33 ; x25 if using neosurf or bitcoin. 

No maximum cashout.

Monday Kickstarter Bonus 

This one is interesting. You can get a match bonus on Monday but also a 100% cashback of the bonus amount. 

  • For $30 get 140% match bonus + 100% cashback 
  • For $50 get 170% match bonus + 100% cashback 
  • For $80 get 200% match bonus + 100% cashback 
  • For $100 get 220% match bonus + 100% cashback 
  • For $150 get 240% match bonus + 100% cashback 
  • For $200 get 265% match bonus + 100% cashback

WG = (Bonus + Deposit) x33; x25 if using Neosurf or Bitcoin. WG (for cahsback) = Bonus x44. No maximum cashout. 

(Another) Cards Bonus

In case the first card bonus wasn’t enough, here’s another just for card games: 

  • For $30 get 90% bonus 
  • For $50 get 110% bonus 
  • For $80 get 120% bonus 
  • For $100 get 130% bonus 
  • For $150 get 150% bonus 
  • For $200 get 165% bonus 

WG = (Bonus + Deposit) x44. No maximum cashout. 

Specialty Games Bonus

Nobody is safe from these bonuses. Not even Roulette games. This is a deposit bonus for all types of roulette games, baccarat and craps. 

  • For $30 get 50% bonus 
  • For $75 get 70% bonus 
  • For $100 get 150% bonus 

WG = (Deposit + Bonus) x63. No maximum cashout. 

Low Wagering Bonus

If you think the wagering is too high (and it is) then you can use this low wagering bonus (not that it will help you that much). 

  • For $50 get 100% bonus 
  • For $80 get 120% bonus 
  • For $100 get 100% bonus 

WG = (bonus + deposit) x25. No maximum cashout. 

Slots And Cards Bonus

Last one! This one covers video poker and other card games, pokies, bingo and board games. 

  • For $50 get 120% bonus 
  • For $80 get 170% bonus 
  • For $150 get 200% bonus 

WG = (bonus + deposit) x44. No maximum cashout. 

Cashback Bonuses

The casino also offers cashback bonuses. Depending on which VIP tier you are you can get daily, weekly and monthly cashback bonuses.

  • Daily cashback (up to 40%) 
  • Weekly cashback (up to 10%)  
  • Monthly cashback (up to 10%) 

Video pokies, Keno, Bingo – WG = (cashback) x44. Card games – WG = (cashback) x55 

VIP Program

Here’s the deal, Highway Casino does have a VIP system, which is commendable. Here are the levels and their perks: 

  • Hmm good – Max. payout: $2,000, Max. bet: $20, Deposit cashback: 35% 
  • Awe5some – Max. payout: $2,500, Max. bet: $30, Deposit cashback: 40% 
  • Wow damn – Max. payout: $3,000, Max. bet: $40, Deposit cashback: tailored; Personal Manager, Personal coupon 
  • 2xtreme – Max. payout: $3,500, Max. bet: no limitations, Deposit cashback: tailored; Personal Manager, Personal coupon, Weekly cashback: 5% 
  • Deadly cool – Max. payout: $4,000, Max. bet: no limitations, Deposit cashback: tailored; Personal Manager, Personal coupon, Weekly cashback: 7%, Monthly cashback 5% 
  • U rule yay – Max. payout: $4,500, Max. bet: no limitations, Deposit cashback: tailored; Personal Manager, Personal coupon, Weekly cashback: 10%, Monthly cashback 10% 

Also, as you rank up, you can get EVEN MORE deposit bonuses, A.K.A. Special membership bonuses:

  • For $50 get 190% bonus 
  • For $60 get 210% bonus 
  • For $70 get 240% bonus 
  • For $80 get 250% bonus 
  • For $100 get 280% bonus 

Looks good? Now, those with a keen eye may have noticed that I never said how many points or whatever you need to advance in the loyalty system or how to get the bonuses. That’s just the thing: they don’t tell you.

Your boy Derrick went all Sherlock Holmes on the live chat support and it turns out that it all depends on the casino. Basically, when they feel like it, they will promote you to a higher rank and give you more perks. You just keep spending all your hard-earned money on those sucky bonuses, sugar! 

Free Spins

What, you thought those were all the bonuses? Don’t worry, dawgs, we still have free spin bonuses to cover. I already mentioned how you can get free spins using the no deposit and other bonuses. Now we’ve got a few that will exclusively give you free spins:

Full Weekend Bonus

On Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays you can claim some free spins with this bonus.

  • For $30 get 155 FS
  • For $50 get 180 FS
  • For $80 get 200 FS
  • For $100 get 250 FS

Wagering = (free spin winnings) x25

Miami Jackpots Game Bonus

If you want 150 free spins for the Miami Jackpot games, deposit at least $30.

Wagering = (free spin winnings) x25. No maximum cashout.

Additionally, in the “Promo” category, you can find thrilling chases where you can score even more limited-time-only free spins on various games.

Highway Casino Games

casino game types






Video Poker

Jacks or Better



With so many bonuses and benefits, you’d think that the casino would have a huge library of games. The reality is quite different. In fact, there are only about 300 games in total. This is probably because the casino is available to players from United Kingdom and United States which have strict gambling laws.

So, if you want variety, you ain’t going to find much here. The casino still has about 200 slots, including a few live dealer games, table games, bingo, keno and such.

The only software providers available are Realtime Gaming and Visionary Gaming.

Slot Games

I hope you like Realtime Gaming slot games because that’s all that’s available at Highway Casino. Realtime Gaming actually does have a bunch of really good slots. Still, they’re ancient compared to modern video slot games.

Table Games

In the table games section, there are a total of 20 games. These include Blackjack, Roulette, Craps, and a few poker games that escaped from their “Poker” section. Strangely, the casino also includes a “Specialty” category that hosts a few more table games like Keno and French roulette.

Jackpot Games

If all you want to do is go for the jackpots, you’re going to have a bad time. The website doesn’t have any information about the latest jackpot games. You don’t even get that flowing information where you can see how much money all totally-not-fake players have won. While there ARE jackpots available at Highway Casino, finding them is going to be a huge pain.

Live Casino Games

A total of 8 live dealer games, all courtesy of Visionary Gaming. These include 4 roulettes, 2 blackjacks, 1 baccarat, and 1 super6. Feels more like a live games emergency kit than a category.

game providers

VisionaryiGaming RealTime Gaming


Seeing as how Highway Casino came out in 2021, it’s safe to assume that it runs flawlessly on the small mobile screen. Unfortunately, because most of the games are outdated, they won’t look as impressive on the mobile screen as modern casino games do.

I had no trouble accessing the site and playing some sevens wild and stud poker. So, yeah, the casino for mobile users is a-OK.

Highway Casino Payment Methods

deposit methods

withdrawal methods

Visa MasterCard BitCoin NeoSurf
Visa MasterCard Bank Transfer BitCoin

Here are all the banking methods for depositing and withdrawing your money, dawgs.

Deposit Methods

  • Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, PayID, BPay, Neosurf, and Bitcoin.
  • Min. deposit: $30 (Neosurf: $10)

Withdrawal Methods

  • Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, Bitcoin, and Bank Transfer.
  • Min. withdrawal $100
  • Cashout limit $2,000 weekly

Accepted Currencies

I just gotta say, I love the fact that this casino accepts cryptocurrency. Who knows what the future holds for decentralized money, but I find it super refreshing. Anyway, here are the available currencies:

  • USD, AUD, EUR, and BTC.

Customer Support

When I sat down to review Highway Casino, I had no idea that so many things wouldn’t be explained properly. I had A LOT of questions to ask the live chat support.

Thankfully, they answered most of them. The bot was soon replaced with a real human being. They basically told me about how all the bonuses are sucky, how they pick when the players will advance on the VIP ladder, and other important details.

Kudos to the dude/dudette that answered all my questions. Even though this casino has a lot of problems, at least its customer support fits the bill.

Available Languages

Despite being available worldwide, the casino is available only in plain old English.

Highway Casino Review Summary

When I saw that Delorean on the front page, I had high hopes for Highway Casino. Sadly, just like the end of almost every time-traveling story, the best thing is to destroy the time machine.

This casino is more trouble than it’s worth. Don’t get me wrong. It has its perks. It allows players from UK and USA and yes it does look cool. BUT, it also has so many sucky bonuses that prey on the uninformed players, no games to compete with other online casinos and a weird VIP system. The casino made me a bit uneasy TBH.

I honestly felt like I was in one of those crowded eastern markets where everyone was trying to sell me something while I was just nervously keeping my wallet safe. Overall, it’s either gonna be your way or the highway. Highway Casino is not bad, but it may take you more time than usual to get used to things around here. As always, we got you, Bro! 


Overall Rating by casino bros logo

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Total Casino Rating

3.9 / 5

Despite being rough trade, Derrick prefers to use sarcasm over fists because the parts of Atlanta he grew up in still consider it witchcraft. A.k.a. The Buff Dude, he’s a sucker for roulette, a total video game geek, and a beast when it comes to online casino security. We mainly hired him because he is scary AF but don’t tell him we said that.





I had a couple of withdrawals, this is a sick casino deadset. I am still playing and I like it, cheers!




I was pretty stoked with this casino. The bonus codes work, registration is easy, I only wish my winnings were better but whatcha gonna do.




I cant stand their customer support its hard yakka all the time but bonuses are nice gotta admit. I hope they will fix that as soon as possible otherwise Im looking for another casino.