Circa is now open for business! Here’s a Sneak Peek Inside


Circa Las Vegas opened for business at 12:01 a.m. on Wednesday, October 28th, giving followers and admirers of the city a ray of hope in an otherwise difficult year.

Circa’s grand opening is a breath of fresh air in a city accustomed to renderings and major project announcements that rarely materialize. Even a global epidemic that halted and continues to impede travel to Las Vegas did not deter Derek and Greg Stevens from seeing their project through to completion

The Las Vegas Club, Mermaids, and Girls of Glitter Gulch gentlemen’s clubs were demolished and disposed of the piece by piece to make room for the first new construction resort in downtown Las Vegas in decades.

We went to Circa on opening night and are delighted to show you around the property that has established the new standard for Downtown Las Vegas.

We evaluate the two possibilities for staying on Fremont Street vs. the Strip.

The exterior of the Circa Resort

Circa is a sharp contrast to the other resorts on Fremont Street, with its modern design and feel. In addition to breathtaking aesthetics, the resort features an outdoor bar and a “Project BBQ” food truck that can be accessed from the building’s exterior.

Deck of the Stadium Swimming Pool

You’ve probably seen the renderings, and they don’t do the Circa rooftop pool deck justice. During the winter, Stadium Swim at Circa will have six pools available and heated. A 40 foot tall (143 foot diagonal) 14 million pixel screen will stream sporting events and host big game watch parties on the rooftop pool deck. Circa’s pool deck can accommodate up to 4,000 people and contains approximately 330 loungers, 30 cabanas, and 38 daybeds. A modest area dedicated to table games is also included on the pool deck.

The upper-tier pools closest to the hotel tower include two distinct swim-up bars. Under the giant screen, there are also two bars that provide the entire range of slushy cocktails you’d expect at a Vegas pool scene.

Circa’s pool is open to non-hotel guests for a $10 cover fee.

Circa’s two-story casino

Circa’s casino, one of only two multi-level casinos in Vegas (the other being The D), offers an attractive, modern ambiance while offering customers 1,350 slot machines, 55 table games, and 138 bar top gadgets.

The presence of Vegas Vickie, who can be seen from parts of each level, adds a sense of “wow factor” to the gaming floor that so many casinos lack. She nearly beats Circa’s sportsbook as the finest photo option on the premises, with neon glowing and mechanical leg kicking.

The casino’s blackjack tables, with the exception of one, all pay 3-2. We only spotted one 6-5 table that was not in use. Table minimums were $25 on opening night, but we expect that to drop to $10-$15 as the initial wave of demand subsides.

Circa’s Sportsbook is a place where you may bet on sports.

Circa’s sportsbook may best be described as absurd. Circa’s screen is three floors tall and features 78 million pixels, making it unlike anything else in Vegas or the world. Take a peek at it. The minor elements, in addition to the big aspects, are equally impressive. Historic Las Vegas newspapers, for example, are laminated into the finish of some of the book’s guest tables.

While the casino has seats for 350 people, each floor has a large number of tabletop gambling devices that face the book. These could be a terrific option for those who want to gamble when betting on sports (raises hand). If you want to sit in the actual book, we recommend making a reservation on Circa’s website ahead of time because they will most certainly be in high demand.

The gigantic screen is virtually omnipresent as you travel the casino floor, as every floor of Circa’s casino opens to the sportsbook. In the best possible way, it’s unavoidable.

Dining Options at Circa

Circa caters to all tastes with alternatives such as quick service BBQ from a food truck, Saginaw’s Delicatessen, Victory Burger & Wings, high-end steaks at Barry’s Downtown Prime, and Asian delicacies at 8 East.

Price points are noticeably higher than what the average Fremont Street casino patron is accustomed to. Guests can plan ahead by looking at Circa’s menus.

The.99-cent Shrimp Cocktail made popular by Du-at par’s Golden Gate has recently returned to Saginaw’s deli. Between 3 and 5 a.m., Saginaw’s offers the classic dish for.99 cents with the purchase of an entrée. We were able to order one for.99 cents without an entrée and were quite pleased with the quality and the “kick” in the cocktail sauce.

Circa’s bars

Many casino bars are dull, uninteresting, and purely functional. A row of seats at a bar where drinks can be purchased. Circa takes things a step further by creating bars that are destinations in and of themselves. Circa’s bars are everything but “ordinary” or “boring.”

For example, at her eponymous bar, Vegas Vickie’s, you’ll be able to see a refurbished Vegas Vickie.

You’ll get a better view of the sportsbook’s three-story screen from the Overhang Bar.

At 165 feet long, the Mega Bar is the longest in Vegas, with 40 TVs, all with top-notch active content management.

Finally, Circa Bar, located on the resort’s façade, greets guests with over 120 feet of bar space, dancing bartenders, and frozen beverages.

Retail Options

Despite the fact that I’m not a big shopper, Circa had a few stores that attracted my eye. The most intriguing business was one that can construct a life-size Lego replica of anyone or anything from a photo. A child costs around $5,000, an adult woman costs $12,000, an adult male costs $15,000, and a pet costs around $3,000. The cost of a figure is determined by its size, construction time, and materials required. A Lego recreation of Circa owner Derek Stevens with a cocktail and a dancing dealer are on display.

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Art on Display at Circa

There is a lot of unusual art on exhibit that draws the eye, as is the case with many elite Las Vegas businesses. We took pictures of some of our favourite, one-of-a-kind items.

Garage Mahal


The “Garage Mahal” is a significant exception to the rule that casino parking garages are rarely acknowledged, much less appreciated. Garage Mahal is the first in Vegas to use designated rideshare lanes for rapid drop-offs and pickups just steps away from the gaming floor, thanks to an enclosed walkway connecting it to the casino. The “Time of Your Life” chandelier, depicted below, greets visitors to the property.


The cost of self-parking is $4 per hour, with a daily maximum of $25. Members who have earned the Maverick or Legend level in Club One will receive complimentary self-parking.

Overall, Circa wowed us and we were ecstatic to be there. More of these is desperately needed in Vegas. More “distinctive.” It would have been simple for the Stevens to construct a standard casino with standard amenities, but they chose not to. They created a resort with world-class features that are worth seeing, and downtown Las Vegas will benefit as a result.


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