Tips & Tricks for Getting Free Drinks in Vegas

Free Drinks in Vegas

Free beverages while gambling is a feature of the Las Vegas experience and a bonus that gamblers appreciate. Nothing goes better with a cold bottle of beer or your favorite beverage than pecking at a slot machine. Many people are questioning if casinos still give free beverages to gamblers as Vegas resorts tend to tighten the screws on incentives and freebies while also raising costs.

Yes, casinos in Las Vegas still offer comped drinks to people who are actively gambling in their establishment. We’ll go through how to receive free drinks in Vegas, as well as some tips and methods for getting the most of the perk, in the sections below.

In Vegas, Here’s How to Get Free Drinks On the Casino

Play Table Games and Slots: At Las Vegas slot machines and table games, free beverages are still abundant. Cocktail servers circulate the casino, taking orders from individuals who are actively playing. While some locations are better than others in terms of frequency, all Las Vegas casinos provide complimentary refreshments to their patrons. Tipping $1-$2 per drink is usual, however mixing up a few larger gratuities will help assure better drink service.

Drink tracking devices are also gaining traction as casinos battle freeloaders who sit at a machine and play at an excruciatingly slow rate in the hopes of getting free beverages. Currently, this type of device is most typically found on bartop machines, with a green light alerting the bartender to your drinkability. We’ve played at a number of machines with drink monitoring and have never had a problem getting a fresh cocktail while playing at a reasonable speed.

Westgate has implemented a drink monitoring system across the casino, allowing players to order beverages from the machine and have them delivered. No more frantically requesting a server.

After a set amount of play, certain games at Circa print a free drink ticket for the player. This ticket can then be redeemed at one of the many bars located throughout the casino.

Actual players shouldn’t be afraid about drink monitoring systems in Vegas because the drink thresholds are generally low, and it should free up seats by chasing away freeloaders.

At The Sportsbook: Ticket writers at Las Vegas sportsbooks still dole out vouchers for free drinks, though your chances of getting one are a little less predictable. As a general guideline, expect 1 or 2 drink tickets for every $100 wagered.

Another norm is that the ritzier a casino is, the tighter they are with complimentary drink tickets, as opposed to older establishments or those off the main road, which are usually more generous.

There are occasions when you will deposit hundreds of dollars in wagers just to have your ticket writer refuse to give you any free drink tickets at the end of the transaction. We recommend, despite the awkwardness, asking if you could have a couple. It almost always works.

Tipping your ticket writer is the best strategy to ensure a few drink tickets while putting your bet. I normally add $5–10 to compensate for them, and I’ve never gone home empty-handed.

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In Vegas, there are a few ways to get free drinks.

Recommendation: Sure, $1-$2 will keep you from getting dirty glances, but a $5 here and there will help you get more frequent service.

Order Something Different: You are not obligated to order a bottle of domestic beer. Free cocktails at Las Vegas casinos might be used to try something new or unusual.

Play VP at a Bar Top: Playing a few feet away from a bartender is one method to ensure frequent drink service. When playing at a bar, expect drinks to arrive much more often than when relying on a waitress in the centre of a vast casino floor.

Find a Machine With Frequent Service: When you enter a casino, park at a machine where you just saw the cocktail waitress walk by, since they will most likely return shortly! Naturally, after a bit of playing, you’ll have a feel for the paths travelled by cocktail servers. That’s the place you’d like to be!

Order Something Expensive: Quality liquor is frequently offered at more upscale locations such as Wynn/Encore, Venetian/Palazzo, and Cosmopolitan. We recommend going for gold and inquiring whether your favourite top-shelf selection is available from your waitress or bartender. They can only say no in the worst-case scenario

In Vegas, take advantage of the free beverages! Hopefully, our advice on how to get free cocktails in Vegas while gambling was useful. The most important piece of advise we can give is to be adventurous and try something new, or top-shelf if it’s available. Back at home, you can have a diluted beer.

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