Another Blow to Crown Resorts – Unsuitable Junket Operator Costs Them AU$1M

crown resorts fined casino news
  • The casino operator known for serious legal issues over the past few years.
  • With current ongoing investigations, has to pay AU$1 million to Victorian gaming regulator for breaking junket rules, Reuters reports.


Doing Business With The Said Junket Continues

The term junket refers to a visit or an excursion to a casino by one or more persons who receive hefty complimentary services arranged by a third party. Those include, but are not limited to, inducement to gamble at the casino, lodging, food, transport, and other benefits.

After failing to comply with anti-money-laundering procedures in New South Wales and Victoria, alongside some other incidents, Crown Resorts is forced once again to pay a fine for its uncoordinated operational management. The Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation found that Crown Resorts had done business with an unsuitable junket operator that was previously flagged by regulators and ordered to stay clear.

Not only did the unnamed operator disregard such demands, but Crown Resorts continued to do business with the said junket and one of their problematic associates, and failed to notify the Commission about the associate.

Still, Crown Resorts was lucky enough to be fined right now because at the time of the infraction there was an AU$1 million cap on fines in Victoria, which was raised to a staggering AU$100 million by legislation passed this month. This Australian casino was already penalised for a similar offence in April this year, prompting tighter regulations, increased fines, and a ban on all junket operations in Victoria. Crown said it would consider the gaming commission’s findings to continue reforming the company, but that’s the least of their concerns.

Earlier in December, another inquiry into Crown declared the firm unsuitable to hold a gambling license in Melbourne. However, Crown Resorts’ most profitable casino was allowed to work under supervision.

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